Friday, September 13, 2013

Five on Friday: randoms

I skipped this link up last week and I cannot remember why.  The weeks are starting to BLUR together.  But I'm back again.  I have about 3 other "real" posts that I've started on things I've missed out on blogging about this summer...but these link ups do keep me accountable to posting something!! Linking up with Darci and friends again.


Let's start this one off with a BANG - or pain.  My birthday present to myself?  A new workout DVD.

Jimmy and I started doing the Focus T25 workout from Beachbody this week and WOW.  Wow to 2 things:
1) The first one was already intense and we couldn't breathe when we were done
2) We took our "before" pictures and it couldn't be more clear that we need this

Excited to keep up with it and do something good for ourselves and family.




We are all slowly starting to get in a better routine at our new house and with Charlie's new school.

I THRIVE off routine and I think Charlie does too - so this is good news for all.

 He is sleeping good and I'm starting to feel a little more at home in our new house.

{Still need to hang some of those family/personal pictures}



It was the annual Scholastic Book Fair at Charlie's school - well not really a "fair" perse but they sent home a flier and any books you ordered helped get the school more books.  

I just hung up Charlie's shelves in his room last weekend and put all his books up in his "reading nook" and was itching for some new additions.  He's really getting into books (his favorite is the Bearstein Bear's Old Hat, New Hat right now - even tried to take it in the bath with him) so I'm trying to keep him engaged.

So when I saw this book by The Pioneer Women, I couldn't resist!  His name and one of my favorite bloggers?  I cannot wait to get it!!


Have I mentioned how much Charlie likes to EAT?  Well - he does.  Not sure if we're going through a growth spurt or not, but lately I feel like I cannot get food in front of him fast enough.  And when I do, he literally picks it ALL up and shoves it in his mouth.  It's pretty amusing. 

This week?  Spaghetti was all over him and then in the morning he was literally SHOVING his hardboiled egg and yogurt bites in his mouth.  I guess eating fast is just something he's picked up on?  (I eat WAY too fast).

It is pretty cute when he gets stuff stuck on his face though... #messyeater


Ok - not sure how many of you still have a planner that you actually write things in still, but I have really tried to get in the habit of using my phone and online calendar for everything these days.  It's synced between Jimmy and I and work, etc., sends me reminders and all that cool stuff.  Love it, right?

For some reason, I saw my friend in class on Monday that had a planner still that she writes in and we started talking about it.  And I realized I miss having a physical planner/calendar that I write things in, write lists and best yet - can cross things off when I finish them.

{Anyone else think crossing things off your list is the best feeling in the world??  Just me?}

So I found a planner that follows the school year (starts in August) and I pulled the trigger.  Thanks to Amazon Prime it will be here on Saturday.  And it's weirding me out how excited I am to get it and transfer everything from our online calendar to it.  I mean I'm crazy right?  It's for sure more work to have both, but I just miss that I can open up something and see our whole month, etc.  Am I alone here??


Happy weekend everyone!  Looking forward to a fun weekend with family, friends and CHARLIE!!!

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  1. Hmmm, haven't heard of the T25 workout, is it expensive? I'm definitely itching to get back to exercising again. I LOVE writing things down, I'm such a tangible person, and somehow writing it down makes me remember it better too.

    1. It was about $ kind of expensive, but needed something that would last longer and keep me more engaged then my Jillian Michael's DVDs. It dose have 5 work out at one level and then 5 more at a more advanced level. So far, it's kicking our BUTTs!!!

      And I'm still dying to find time to completely update my new calendar!!!

  2. im old school and write everything down as well, it helps me visualize! The MomAgenda is my fav!

  3. Haha you clearly haven't seen my beautiful planner that contains my whole life! My boss actual made of it the other day b/c I use it WAY more than my phone. Mom is buying me a new one for my birthday b/c they are a little pricey, but they have quotes and are colorful. My two favorite things :)