Friday, November 8, 2013

Five on Friday!! Hurray!!!!

We made it through another week.  And I'm back to linking up with Darci and friends for five random things!!  Love these posts!


How are we already a week into November?  Wow!!  I literally couldn't believe it when someone scheduled a meeting with me at work for "next week" and it was November 14.  AHH!!

Speaking of, we are hosting Thanksgiving this year for my mom's side of our family at our house and I'm getting excited.  A little motivation to spruce up our not-touched house and make it a little fall!!  Finding some great ideas on Pinterest that I'm loving.  No school the week of Thanksgiving, so it will be craft week at night!!

 Love some of these fun ideas and really like the fall pumpkins and decor in the big lanterns.

And I love this site!!
I'm going to print off a combination of letters to say "Thankful".  The hardest part?  Ensuring the decor isn't in reaching distant of my destructive toddler!

Speaking of.....


Toddler entertainment.

With busy bodies like some of us have, that's not always the easiest thing.  I have been scouring the Internet and Pinterest for ideas on how to keep Charlie engaged and busy on the weekends when we are chilling at home.  I'm more than happy to spend my day playing with him in his play room, but believe it or not - that lasts about 15 minutes max.  So I needed something else.  Something genious!

And I found a few things after searching and this one might be one of my favorite pages.  Has things for Charlie right now and things I can use as he gets older.


He was really loving the one where you hang the empty paper towel holder on the wall with painter's tape and put cotton balls through it.  He was entertained for THIRTY minutes.  I was there playing right with him, but didn't want to change activities after five minutes.  Impressive if you ask me!!

Anyone else have great toddler activities?



Only three more weeks left of grad school.  Then one final (only one my classes has a final, other one has presentation the week before finals and just a 30 page paper due during finals week) and then I'm done.  Forever.  Graduation is December 13 and that's it.

I literally about lost it in my class on Tuesday night.  Too much going on with life + school + other things that I was on my last thread. 

I keep telling myself the end is literally almost HERE.

Three MORE weeks of class.

(this includes not having to go to class at ALL the week of Thanksgiving, which is amazing!)


 Remember in this Five on Friday I begged for suggestions on where to get longer shirts so I can wear them with leggings and cover my booty.

Well friends, H&M delivered.  I made a quick trip there after work and before class on Tuesday night and I found some goodies that I just couldn't pass up.  One of them was this tan sweater and another were these red jeans.

I also got another long sweater and an awesome sweatshirt that are both long enough to wear on Saturday/Sunday with just leggings.

Here are some pictures I awkwardly made Jimmy take before work.

Charlie was not OK with not being in them obviously.  And you can tell why I'm not a fashion blogger...right??

This is like an addiction now! But thank you for sharing your tips on where to find!



Christmas shopping.  I know, right?  I'm talking about Thanksgiving and Christmas in one post.  Well - I've decided that I'm not going to wait until the last minute this year.  Nope.  I'm going to try to squeeze it in leading up to Christmas so once we get down to the few days before Christmas I can focus on enjoying the season and having good times with my family and little man.

So we've started.  Charlie....I actually think after our craigslist find that we're picking up this weekend - he will have his "big" thing done!  Yeah!!  Need to think of something good for my mom and dad since they are taking us to Florida for a week for our present (cannot wait).  And for Jimmy's parents!!  Why are parents so hard to buy for?  I'm really going to try to make them meaningful gifts this year!!

Also, we usually hit up Black Friday every year (not sure if we will this year), but I want to take advantage of that day and those sales.  Versus years past where I seem to buy things for myself...bad Brittany.

I'm working on making a list (and checking it twice...haha) for each of the folks we are going to buy presents for and keep my eyes and ears open to get the best present and the best deal.

Anyone have any great early shopping tips??

And just for one more...because surely you did not see enough pictures of my sweet is a picture of Charlie who was STYLIN yesterday.  I about died when we picked him up from day care and when we told him it was time to go he literally went to a little girl in his class and gave her the sweetest hug ever.  AHH!  What a sweetheart.  And what an improvement from earlier in the week when he continued to sit on kids and they bit him...

Happy weekend to you!

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  1. LOVE me some h&m! you are totally rocking it, girl! precious!!!
    happy friday! xx

  2. Love that sweater--you look great!!!!! And Charlie's outfit cute!!

    Three week left EVER...hooray! Love you!!!!

  3. So many things I love about this post. 1. Thanks for the toddler activity ideas! 2. You look absolutely amazing. 3. Congrats on *almost* being done. What a relief!!!

  4. Good thing I worked on Tuesday night. It gave you some much needed shopping time! Next week we are doing Happy Hour though, so get ready!

    Also, last year you didn't shop for yourself AT ALL on Black Friday. Trust me. You made me stand in line for you at Carters and then came over to stand by me and did something so embarrassing I had to leave. Plus you also made me take a picture of all your "Charlie" purchases.

  5. I always, always look up something on amazon to see if I can get it for less! You should totally sign up for Amazon Prime while you are still a student (and congrats on almost being finished!!!). Free 2 day shipping is amazing and addictive.

    jess | Quaintrelle

  6. I'm SO checking out the toddler activities page right now! 30 minutes of putting cotton balls in a tube?! Shut up! Must do asap.