Friday, November 15, 2013

Another Friday...another Five on Friday

Linking up again with Darci and friends for a Five on Friday.   So glad it's FRIDAY!!!


I'm not really a music person.  Not saying I don't like music, I do, but I don't obsess over playlists, always have to have music playing {too loud} like my husband.  For some reason it's never been my "thing". 

But there are sometimes songs that I just love and when I hear mood can instantly get better.  There's one that's out right now by Olly Murs.  Called "Dance with me tonight".

Seriously, every time it comes on the radio I turn it up REALLY loud and bounce around in the seat of my car smiling and singing {now there's a picture for you}.  It's such a fun and upbeat song that's retro too.  And I'm weird and feel like when it comes on, I'm going to have a good day.

Just give it a listen.


Sorry - I'm just SSSSOOOO close to being done with grad school I can taste it. Two weeks left of class. 

I'm not going to say its been the longest 3 years of my life because that's a little over dramatic because they have been a great 3 years of life...but I will NOT miss going to class, group projects, homework and papers. 



Last week I used a large gift certificate I got from an award at work to buy a Roomba.  My friends, after a week of use...we're in love.  All of us. 

I mean it is a robot that you can schedule to vacuum whole you're gone.  I mean what is better than that???  I read lots and lots of reviews and we ended up getting the 770 version at Bed Bath and Beyond and used a 20%off coupon and had a gift card- so really it was about the same price as a normal vacuum.

But I seriously just turned it in sometimes this week when we were gone for just a bit so I could think about the fact that I'm getting some cleaning done while I'm not at home.  Amazing feeling.

Needless to say, I'm not a fan of mopping either (surprise, surprise), so this baby is going on my Christmas wish list!!!


 Making our house a home.  

We are starting the fourth month of living in our house and sometimes I feel like we still just moved in.  One reason I feel like this, is there was still nothing on the walls.  I felt like hanging pictures up was such a commitment.  But it needed to be done.  

So guess what??  Last Sunday I bit the bullet.  I decided on some pictures and seasonally appropriate printable chalkboard prints and I got to hanging.  

What do you think?  I am still deciding what I think.  I feel like I might need to make the chalkboard prints bigger, but I do like the mat on the frames.  (P.S. got the frames at Costco for a great deal!!)

Any comments?  I'll take anything.

Also hung up some cute Charlie one year old pictures from our session with the talented Allison.  Found these cute frames on our trip to Branson.

And finally, redid the arrangement in our hearth room.


Finally, happy happy birthday to my wonderful sister-in-law, Hillary!!!  We love her and I'm so lucky to have such a good friend now that's part of our family.  We miss living right down the street from them so much!!

Charlie and Hillary at the lake!!!
 Cheers to a great year for you and for you and Bobby!!

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    1. Thank you Jimmy. I'm glad you like them. I bet you like yourself in the picture more :)

  2. Just saw your Birthday wishes! YOU ARE THE SWEETEST! :) Thank you!

  3. I want a roomba! I figure it would give our pets something to do/chase all day too, which is basically like exercising them. Win-win, right?!

  4. Ok I think you've sold me on the Romba!!!