Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Just a little bit of GRASS

While everyone says "I don't know how you do it" to me regarding working full time, going to school 3 nights a week + HW, studying and group projects, maintaining a somewhat normal social life/marriage/house and attempt motherhood at its answer is usually to shrug my shoulders and say "Eh, you make it work!".  I leave out the no sleep, dirty house, resorted to only washing my hair every OTHER  day (my sister and Erica say that's normal) details.  And I often fail to mention the REAL reason all this madness is possible and doesn't fall apart. 

Jimmy Carter

(Yes, that's my husbands name if you're new here- not the president)

Honestly- he picks up the baby watching, dinner compiling, putting to bed, some cleaning/laundry responsibilities with little to no push back.  Now, I do my fair share of complaining about him and he does with me.  The worst thing we get caught up in?  The "I do this, you don't do this" game. DON'T PLAY THIS!! We have had to make ourselves conscious of it and try to stop. Not good and not healthy, but do easy to do.

At the end of the day- I need to thank him for being my number one supporter. He's always saying "just go to Starbucks and knock your HW out" on the weekends.  I know we will both be soooo happy when this is all over, but it sure has been a test for our relationship as a couple and as parents.

The lesson learned?? Life is not always won't get an easier...but your teammate in life makes a hell of a difference.  And Jimmy, I'm so happy that you are my teammate and right hand man.

Ok- so enough of the sappy stuff. Let me show you his handy work he's worked hard on this fall at our new house.

I haven't blogged much at all about our house...I will soon.  But long story short, it was a foreclosure. And had been vacant for almost 2 years.  The inside was great but the outside? Not so much.

Enter Jimmy and his lawn transformation skills. He took our backyard from this:

To this:

Don't mind the white undershirt from Toby's Halloween costume still laying there....

In just a matter of a month or so. I mean look at that lucious grass. It's amazing after that dirt pile. The trees came down because they were dying and full of thorns (OUCH). Charlie loves it too!!!  And you wouldn't believe all the neighbors that stop by to comment!!! They love it too!!! I kind of secretly love that in both our houses we were originally the eye sore of the neighborhood and turn transformed it!!

So I don't brag about my husband enough. I am not good at giving him compliments on a regular basis.  But I an good at publicly announcing how great he is at lawn stuff!!!

Love you Jam!!! Can't wait to be done with school and ramp up the house projects!!

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  1. You're so close!!! And I agree, you just make it work :) And it only gets better when you have TWO little munchkins to chase around, ya know when the time comes :)