Sunday, November 3, 2013

Trip to the farmstead

First off - how is my child 15 months old and we have never taken him to Deanna Rose

Besides declaring us the worst parents ever, I'm just going to state that not only is this place a kid's heaven...but it's only $2 per adult and under 2 are free.  Um, yes please.

We met Emily, Jeff and Jackson right after 9AM on a Sunday morning (awesome timing because it opened at 9).  It will still a little chilly - hence the winter coats and hat - but the boys had quite a good time.  What I cannot believe is that my son kept those gloves on.  Hilarious.

I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

Such a great shot of father and son!!!  

They look at each other and stare.

These Indian tee-pees, oh my goodness.  I think this little man needs one of these to be on his Christmas list.  Both the boys just loved hanging out in there.

I mean - look at that face!

And this my friends - are the pictures that demonstrate that this child is ALL boy.  He literally went back in after we were trying to get him to leave and laid right now in the middle of the dirt face first.

And then got up and made this face.  I might frame this one.  Pure JOY right here.
Who said a little dirt hurts someone?

Next we headed to the baby goats.  And we bought some bottles to feed them.

Which turned out fine for Charlie and I, but Emily and Jackson?  Well, they had a couple issues arise when the goats started eating Emily's purse and coat.  Apparently they like leather?  Haha!

Next time - maybe we'll be big enough to ride the horse named Jimmy!!!

Mom BFFS + baby boy BFFS

We went right before Halloween and there were some scary decorations around the barn.  Charlie wasn't quite sure of them or the barn until he saw his dad walk in.

And then we fed the goats.

And it was amazing.  This kid has no fear at all.

Nope - no fear.

Oh and then came the bridge.  He spent at least 15 minutes on this thing.  I kind of want one in our backyard.   Up and over.  Up and over.

And then he made faces like this.  That make me laugh.  Because who wouldn't at that face?

And then Charlie finally convinced Jackson to get on there with him.   And these were the best pictures we got, but it was a pretty cute moment.

More walking.  More snacks.  Looking at some longhorns.  You know, the usual.  But didn't last very long at all.

Then it was time for the swings!

And some cute family pictures...

The Matlocks!

The Carters!

And then we were off just like that to eat at Pie Five Pizza for the first time and oh my goodness it was so freaking good.  If you have one near you - try it out!!

So here's the best part of the story.  Our intention was actually to go to the pumpkin patch (Pumpkin Hollow) they have there.  But it was $7 per person (only under 1 was free to that) we had a quick "team meeting" and decided that the boys were having so much fun as it is and $21 per family was probably not worth it at this point.  We might have reconsidered if we could have seen all the stuff that the pumpkin patch entailed - but all we could see was hay rides - which we tried that with Charlie and we're not really in the "sit still" mode at this point in his life.  The website said they had a corn pit - which I was dying to see him in again - but you know what.  We all still had a good time and these two boys will have no idea.  And next year - they won't know what hit them!  Because they'll be big enough to understand and MAKE us go then!!!

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