Thursday, January 15, 2015

Five on Friday - random mix

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This week was quite the week.  Jimmy and I are on our second week of the 21 day fix and it's going really well.  Not going to lie - the whole potty training thing (that included treats  - i.e. gummy bears), did me no favors because I have no problem helping myself to one when Charlie gets one. BAD.  But I have worked out EVERYDAY since January 5th.  Are you kidding me?  And guess what?  It feels amazing.  With craziness at work and all the meal prep/exercise and playing with the kiddos at home - I'm pooped.  But still lots to say (duh!).


Some jewels!!!!

I hosted a Stella and Dot party way back after Thanksgiving when my sweet friend Liz, who is a S&D consultant, was in town over the holiday.  So we decided to make it a pi phi party + a few more.  It was so fun to see everyone and best yet, I got some credit to buy Stella and Dot jewelry!!  So I need your help - any recommendations on S&D favorites that you have?

Here are a few I have been eyeing:


Healthy pancakes.  YUM!  Jimmy and I have eaten these for breakfast on Tuesday and Thursday mornings for the last 2 weeks and man are they good.  The first week I made them the night before but they are literally so fast and easy (I just put them in the magic bullet and then poor them on the griddle), that this week, I just made them in the morning and I think they were even better.  Looking for a "clean" breakfast - try these!  They are even Charlie approved!!!

PS I'll be sharing next week some of my favorite 21 day fix meals - I have to say they are pretty good even without all the salt and carbs and sugar!


Martin Luther King Day = SOLO day for this mama.

I'm thinking I will go to a movie solo.  YES.  YES.  Any recommendations?  I was thinking Unbroken - but then I figure Jimmy would like that too so I'll wait and watch it with him.

I REALLY want to see the next Hunger Games...but might opt for Annie.

Add on top of that maybe taking a nap, a good workout (or two!) and showering for as long as I want - that sounds like a perfect day to me.

Speaking of the perfect day/night - I have a pretty fun night planned out with my Pi Phi girlfriends to Cooper's Hawk Winery on the Plaza to celebrate KC Restaurant Week.  I love our annual tradition of going out to dinner this week for a yummy meal, good deal and helping out charity.  I'm excited to try a real meal at this place, as I've only done happy hour there!!



Jimmy and I are planning our five year anniversary trip and first trip ALONE since before Charlie was born (let's just say it's well deserved trip!).

Here are a few places we are looking at. Any recommendations???  Going around May timeframe!

Excellence Resort that we went to on our honeymoon...


Moving and shaking.  Maddie Carter is doing just that.

This girl is EVERYWHERE.  We got this adorable picture of her the other day from day care saying she rolled herself into this spot and was just SO proud!!

This one is of her trying to pull up in her crib.  

Did I mentioned I am terrified for her to start crawling???

Happy Friday friends! More to come from me soon on adventures in potty training, breastfeeding/pumping and catching up from the holidays!

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