Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy half birthday Maddie!!

Length:  28 in (says greater than 98%!! TALL!)
Weight:  18lbs and 14oz (80%)
Head: 17.25 inches (90%)

OMG.  Six months old.  Cannot believe it.

And the good news is that while you are TALL, you are proportional and you rock the thigh rolls lady.  You rock them well!!!

  • Still the freaking most smiley and happy little thang - as long as you are fed, don't have a poopy diaper and aren't overtired.  I tell ya girl - your smiles still just melts my hear.
  • Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.  The magical sleep.  So note to self: I need to blog in more details on your sleep patterns because apparently that is the only way your father or I remember anything during the first year.  We have been going back to all my blog posts from when Charlie was your age to see how he was sleeping.  Guess what?  While your dad seems to remember that Charlie slept all the time from 7pm - 7am.  But like they one would have another kid if they remembered every detail in the beginning.  Because he did forget - your brother was not the best sleeper either.  You are really not that BAD.  You seem to protest sleeping between the hours of 7-10PM.  We go through the same routine every night.  Bath (now we FINALLY bathe you and Charlie together!), get in your PJs, sometimes read a story and then nurse, then bed. Sometimes you stay down and most of the times you sleep for about an hour and a half and will cry.  We're working on it.  But at least you are going decently long stretches.  I can handle getting up once with you to feed you - even though it's completely unnecessary because you are big enough - I love our time together.
  • Still in size three diapers - but your dad thinks we need to move you size 4.  I keep reminding him that diapers stay the same price, they just give you less as the size goes up.  But it's just your chunky thighs and once you start moving, I'm guessing those will shed.
  • Speaking of - you are not moving, but this month you officially became a rock star sitter and you are EVERYWHERE.  You roll from here to there to here to back there.  It's crazy.  You never know where we are going to find you.  And you have started doing the rocking thing - which is totally freaking me out.  DON'T MOVE EVER I want to scream to you.  I know it will be oh so fun for you - but for us? AH!  Two kids on the loose!
  • Girlfriend - feel free to slow down on the whole getting bigger.  So last month I said "remember all those 6 month clothes we bought? yeah you don't fit into them".  This month I'm saying "remember all those 9 month clothes we bought?  yeah you don't fit into them".  Oh my.  You are going through clothes like it's your job (technically it kind of is...), but we cannot keep up and neither can our wallets.  Lucky for you, nothing is too expensive and I'm not upset with you because there is still that small possibility that we could have another baby {girl} in a few years - so maybe someone in our family will get to wear these cute clothes, right?  But seriously - A for your stellar growth skills my friend.  But you can slow down I head to the store to by my 6 month old...12 month size clothes.  Sheesh.
  • You are taking all of the 6 ounce bottles we are sending to school (3 total) along with eating something everyday, mid day. Then you eat again at dinner with us.  You like everything.  Sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, green beans - you even like peas.  We tried avacado (you liked it - yes!  I can claim you as my child) and some banana too.  Then I threw in some pears and apple baby food - to no surprise, you inhaled all of them and pretty much everything that is offered your way. Amazing.  We also bought puffs because we couldn't remember when babies start those (hello parents - stop being lazy and get on the Internet and google it or read when Charlie did on this very blog).  You liked pushing them around your high chair tray a lot and I'm crazy mom and cut the puffs in half in case they made it to your mouth.  We'll get there!
  • I'm happy to report that nursing is still going great and your mom still pumps milk like she's a cow (yeah!).  I even gave you a bottle for the first time too (or wait, did I write that last month)??  But either way - I did and have given you one three times now and you are fine with the bottle or from me and don't seem to be opposed as long as you have food (see a trend..??).  But I'll keep it up as long as you will mamasita....I'm pumping 2 times at work and often in the morning before work and before bed and feeding you 2 times (morning and night) as well.  And the milk is still flowing, so we'll keep rolling.
  • You have found your voice!!  You talk and talk and talk (foreshadowing!?!?)  But it's so fun to hear you babble and coo and make all sorts of silly noises.  Did I mention your laugh and little snort is my fav? It is.  I love you so.

Things you like (pretty much same as last month):

  • Breastmilk - from the direct source or bottle.
  • FOOD - anything and everything.
  • You love to laugh and smile and giggle. 
  • Sitting up to check out the world!!!  What a big girl.
  • Your favorite place is still bouncing in there. I even took it up to my bathroom one day while I showered and got ready and you were happy as a little lark just jumping and laughing and talking to yourself.  I mean, I would too!
  • Your big bro and you are starting to develop such a sweet relationship
  • Still love your pacifier and baths.  

Things you don't like:
  • When you don't get your probiotics for the day - we can for sure tell because you are NOT happy at night. 
  • being in your crib alone (you think it's the worst and let us know!)

Special memories this month!!
  • A video of you bouncing and your brother being crazy on our weekend mornings!
  • Your first fight with your brother (over butter) and taste of green beans
  • You had your SECOND trip to the ER.  Oh sweet girl - after you got diagnosed with RSV (poor thing), we were taking pictures with Ali and you were literally BLUE!!  Your hands and feet.  It was so scary.  So off you and I went to Children's Mercy South ER to get checked out.  Luckily - no oxygen issues, but they sucked a TON of stuff out of you.  So let's just say 2 trips to the ER is under 6 months is more than enough and you'll spare us anymore of those for at least like 10-15 years?!
  • You made your first trip to Union Station to eat brunch at Harvey's (YUM) and got to see a good glimpse of Christmas in KC!
  • Your first trip to Iowa (and Omaha)!  You will make many more of these in your life sweet girl - so get ready!
  • We celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas as a family of 4
  • You rang in your first new year by literally protesting sleep on NYE from 7 until midnight (mom was asleep and your dad was trying to get you to sleep when he finally gave up and woke me up - we watched the ball drop and you went to sleep.  I'm convinced you just wanted to say you made it until midnight on your first New Year's!)

A note to our girl:

What a special month it was!!  You grew up so much this month and we had a great time celebrating your first Christmas as a family of four, as well as with our extended families.  I feel like every month is just the best age.  You keep interacting more with us all, communicating with us (i.e. crying when you're not happy, smiling when you are happy).

You just are the perfect fit sweet girl.  Even though there are some rough days/nights, as there would be with any growing family...every moment with you is truly special.  You would think that we would hate that sometimes you wake up at 4:30AM...but we secretly love it because mom goes and gets you and brings you into our bed to nurse and then you fall fast asleep between us with your pacifier in your mouth.  Not even moving when each of us gets up and starts getting ready for the day.  Laying next to you and inhaling your sweet baby smell and gazes and then popping our heads out of the bathroom to gaze at you sleeping there on that big bed.  Our sweet baby girl.

We cannot wait for all the fun there is to come in 2015 with you and our family!!!  You're changing every day and we are trying to hold on tight because these next 6 months will fly by and all of a sudden, you won't be so little anymore!!

Your parents


Charlie and Maddie both at 6 months old!

Photo shoot favs:

Some pictures from this month with family and friends!

SO many selfies mom and Charlie - just stop!

Your first pair of skinny jeans - you rock them.....

Why oh why do the three of us take so many selfies?

Green beans - yum! 
Their favorite spot together!

Sad faces in the ER - we hate RSV!!!!!!!

Fell asleep watching TV with dad

Oh hey TOBY...

Bruns fam at Union Station

Sprawled out and chilling in mom and dad's bed


Big brothers are so helpful

LOVING great Grandma Bruns

And her hair!

See - you guys love this spot - even Willy!

This is when you are officially too big for the nap nanny - it's retired!!!

Baby dolls!

Hide n go seek with mom

Your favorite sleep position now.

Reading with your bro.


First time eating lunch at IKEA

Two years to the day - you and Charlie had matching (almost) socks on! 

ALL SMILES baby girl.

Love you love you love you and can't wait for all the fun this next month brings!

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  1. What a sweet post! I love Maddie and need to see her SOON!