Monday, January 26, 2015

Maddie and her 6 month pictures

WAY back when in mid-December, right before Maddie hit the 6 month mark, my sweet friend from college and talented photographer, Ali from Alison Moore Photography, took some amazing shots of our kiddos and family, as our house was ready for Christmas - but the weather was still like 55 degrees.  The main focus was sweet Maddie - as she hit some big milestones going into her 6 month of life! 

Unfortunately, leading up to the morning shoot, Maddie was so sick!!! She got diagnosed with RSV on Friday afternoon and Ali came in Friday night to spend the night with us.  But miss Maddie, she's a trooper!!!  You would never know it from these pictures.  And you'd also never know that we had to cut the pictures short and rush to the ER because little miss' arms and legs were turning blue. Oh my.  Let's just say that next time Ali takes our pictures, I'm praying for much less drama before and after!!!

However- Ali did a fabulous job.  She got some great sibling shots, family shots and of Maddie too!! Luckily Maddie had just leaned to master sitting up because it made the pictures that much more fun!!!

Love them!!

Ignore the cord- I need to figure out how to photoshop that out. And next time- all outside hopefully! My house is not decorated nice enough for pictures indoors !!!

My big boy.  Marshmallow bribing did the trick!!!

My favorite family one!! You can barely see my boot too.  Perfect timing that I get surgery a week before pictures!!

Daddy's girl.

I love her so much!

She's so so sweet these pictures are so great in showing her little variation of facial expressions!! Like I said, next time we will get more and we can't wait!! Ali is the best!!


  1. Love the drama of family photos :)

    and that yellow door <3

  2. Maddie, I'm coming for you and your one-year photos!! I know you will ham it up! xoxo