Friday, March 13, 2015

Five on Friday- all about them kids

This five on Friday is dedicated to my kids.  Because they are the best and this title pays homage to the fact that my 2.5 year old's favorite song (one of them) is All About that Bass....that and Sugar by Maroon 5.  


Maddie has been a busy girl at school lately and is doing all sorts of fun "big kid" things!!  Like going outside (wearing Charlie's old shoes- sorry girlfriend!), her first school lunch and lots of painting and fun crafts!!!

So fun to see these throughout the day!!  She's getting too big TOO fast.


Speaking of...we made a car seat switcheroo last weekend. Charlie got a new 3 in 1 seat and Maddie got Charlie's Britax convertible car seats.  It's still mixed emotions around here regarding this change.

I love not having to lug around that infant car seat (I mean for real- when your 8.5 month old is over 20 lbs and the dang thing is like 10...that's a full out work out- add chasing a 2.5 year old with that in tow!), but Maddie loves sleeping in the car with little cat naps.  Often times that's the only time she will nap on the weekends (blah!).  So it stinks because you cannot pick her up asleep - unless she is for real peaced out.  But last weekend I ended up driving around, getting sonic happy hour with the windows down while she napped and it wasn't too bad.  Charlie loves the cup holder on his for sure!!


Hot tub party anyone??  Well we finally let Charlie get in my parents hot tub the other night.  The verdict?? He loved "swimming" (aka sitting on my lap because the water was a bit warm) and didn't want to get out! 

I love this pic with my dad- so much fun!


Bath time has turned into a nightmare for Maddie.  Poor girl (and us). 

In her bath seat she was happy as a lark.  Please see these happy pics below:

Jimmy took her out of it last week now she HATES the bath. Like screams bloody murder and won't sit down and won't let you clean her. And girlfriend needs a bath- food all over her hair daily. What should we do??! Any tips on this? Anyone experience this sudden shift in behavior with their kids?? It's crazy to me!!


I take random pictures with my kids, of my kids, etc.  While sometimes having a phone and always being connected is a downfall- I love that I can capture these everyday moments we have. So much. 

Happy happy weekend friends!! We are taking a road trip to spend time with some of our best friends and I cannot wait to enjoy them and this weather and my family!!!


  1. I can't believe how big Maddie is getting!! She seems so advanced, you will have your hands full for sure :) My kids love going in our in laws hot tub, we usually cool it down a little and they can "swim" in there, so fun!