Friday, March 6, 2015

My $750 OOPS

This week was one for the record books. Actually the last two weeks- so I'm not that surprised at how Friday capped it all off.  I am but I shouldn't have been, if you get my drift.

Last week we made two trips to the doctor with both kiddos.  Happened to have our pediatrician see us both times (went to walk in hours after work so usually it's a random doctor).  Both had ear infections (yes Charlie did even with tubes!!!). So fun!

Poor Maddie's was not healed from the first round of medicine so she got augmenten - which has caused her to have massive blow outs daily.  Literally.  Usually once before school and twice at school- needless to say, mama's spent lots of time in the laundry room with spray and wash this week.

Charlie had a decent week (thank goodness!) but I have been rocking a "cold" for the past twoish weeks and starting about Wednesday it got bad.  Like it killed when I coughed, coughing up really gross mucusy stuff and I started to just feel horrible.  Thursday afternoon at work I was dragging and called a nurse- she said to come in, so my appointment was 8am Friday.  

After a horrible night on Thursday I could barely get out of bed and was still unsure if I was going to go into work after my appointment.  It took every ounce of my energy to shower and get myself ready, let alone Maddie too.  I was dropping the kids off because Jimmy was taking Willy into the vet all day...but couldn't drop him off until 9.  

So let me preface this even more- I was mad and miserable and just feeling so horrible.  Everyone and everything was loaded up into my van.  I hit the garage door opener to open the door.  I yelled out at jimmy "I REALLY HOPE I HAVE PNEMONIA AND GET ADMITTED TO THE HOSPITAL SO I CAN ESCAPE THIS LIFE FOR A BIT".  Dramatic? Yes.  But I felt that horrible the thought of taking care of these kids that called me mom made me want to cry!!

And then I started backing out of the garage and BOOM.

Charlie goes "oh mommy I don't know what that noise is". And I said "sh*t (I don't think he heard me...thank goodness- but sorry to my niece who is probably reading this!!).

So apparently the garage door was not fully up and I ran into it. Karma at it's best I guess after that snotty comment I made.  Jimmy came out- did not look very happy and told me to go on and he would take care of it.  So I dropped the kiddos off at school, went to the doctor, have a horrible sinus infection that is turning into bronchitis (yeah!).  After my appointment and the pharmacy- who I feel like now knows our family all too well- I got to come home to an overhead garage door man telling me that he fixed the door for now but at minimum we are going to have to get a new lower panel for $580.  Or you know, we could just get a brand new door for $1690 or two new door for $2200. Yeah.  That is not something we were planning on at all- especially because we are going to re do our backyard.  Sweet life.

So after talking to Jimmy we are just going to go with the new panel and he will have to paint it- but that was one expensive mistake.

Needless to say- I'm really to feel better and for spring to be here with less sickness and more fun.  But on a brighter note, it was a gorgeous Saturday in Kansas City and while Maddie and I were walking around the neighborhood while Charlie napped, I think we might paint our garage doors the same dark color as our shutters versus the same color as our house...I saw lots of houses like that and I really liked it!!!  Since we have to buy paint anyways....

And a good reminder that karma is always around, right?? Often times not that instant.....but I am very glad I didn't have pneumonia or get admitted to the hospital.  Because after $100 worth of medicine (inhaler refills are apparently $50??!), sleeping ALL day Friday, a phone call to my mom to pick up my kids from school and gang with them until Jimmy got home later than normal due to the vets pick up time for Willy- I'm feeling MUCH better and am glad I got to spend the day with my people.

Even if I cringed every time the garage door went up/down.


  1. I have done that same thing with my car and the garage!!! I'm sorry your sick ­čś×hopefully by next weekend everyone will be healthy!!!

  2. Omg!!! Reminds me of the time I backed out of my parking spot with Brantley's door still open. That was an expensive mistake too but I blamed it on pregnancy brain...found out I was prego with Holden the very next day!