Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Eight months of Maddie!!

Length:  Long lady!!!
Weight:  21 lbs per our scale
Head: ???

EIGHT months old.
It doesn't seem real that it was that long ago when you made your grand appearance into this world and we met you for the first time.  But yet at the same time - it feels like we have known you forever.  How is it that in just a short 4 months it will be your birthday.  No - this age is just so fun, I love it and you so much that it makes me sad and happy all at the same time that you are growing up and changing so fast.  What a fun month we have had my sweet little girl!!!

PS I could NOT get you to smile in this picture!!  But you still look cute to me!

  • Still a pretty happy girl.  You like to laugh and eat and sit up and pull up on things and laugh at your brother and pull his hair.  
  • You prefer to stand up and hold on to things constantly.  Which is good - but scary because sometimes I forget you are only 8 months old and you do need me to hold you up somewhat.  Which might explain a few bumps on your sweet head - so sorry girlfriend!
  • You had your first ear infection this month. And guess what?  That pesky thing did not want to go away.  Your poor left ear.  You blew through amoxicillian and then had to upgrade 3 weeks later to augmenten.  Which gave you an upset tummy and lots of yucky poops - but hopefully fought off your ear infection that wouldn't go away.  Needless to say - you were NOT a happy camper with your poor ear - and I felt horrible!!
  • TEETH!!! You got your first tooth and now you have 2 that have popped through.  I think that one more might be ready to pop in on the top too.  (Your brother had 6 at 8 months old- just like he says..."holy moly cow"
  • Sleep, sleep, sleep.  You are doing ok - these silly teeth and ear infections this month threw us for a loop and meant that sleep was less consistent, but that's ok because that is life, right?  But for the most part, you are on a decent schedule and when we let you cry after a few wake ups, you do go back to sleep.  But my oh my I don't like to listen to you cry!!
  • Still in size 4 diapers this month but oh my goodness girlfriend - you are constantly blowing out of them - at least one outfit change a day at school - sometimes two
  • So you're crawling.  Not fast or not far - but you get on all fours and slowly move one step at a time to get to where you want to be/what you want to pick up.  You kind of skipped the army crawling that your brother mastered first - but I kind of like that because then I'm not stressing out at how incredibly dirty our floors are!!!  It's crazy to see you moving, but it's so fun too when you go after things and especially when you come to get me (I love you!!!)
  • 12 month clothes it is!  We finally went out on Valentine's Day and bought you lots of new clothes that actually fit - thank goodness!!
  • You are not a real fan of baby food/eating from a spoon anymore.  You did it and all of a sudden were like "eh, I'm over it".  So now you like puffs (that your brother steals aka thanks you for "sharing" with him), the little sticks that are puffs, banana pancakes, bread, sometimes bananas, etc.  I love that you love food and I really hope that you keep that up girlfriend as you get older
  • We are still going strong with our nursing relationship and I still love it and so do you.  I'm still pumping twice a day at work and you get three, 6-7 ounce bottles at school per day.  Pumping still is not so fun, but it is kind of a nice break in the day and I would do anything for you sweet girl!!!
  • You still love to talk - you blow bubbles, kisses and laugh.  It's adorable!

Things you like (pretty much same as last month):

  • Breastmilk - from the direct source or bottle.
  • FOOD - anything and everything
  • You love snuggling so much and it is just so wonderful.  So wonderful.
  • Moving ALL around - including crawling!!
  • You still freak out when I leave the room or if I'm not in the room and then I walk in and you see me - mama's girl!!!!!
  • Your big bro and you are starting to develop such a sweet relationship
  • Bath time is still something you love and it's fun that you and Charlie share that time together too!

Things you don't like:
  • Diaper rash
  • Taking medicine
  • Charlie stealing your puffs
  • Mom stealing your pacifier and then taking a picture (OMG - this picture!!!)

Special memories this month!!
  • We survived a few days of just the three of us while your dad went out of town for work. I got sick from an infection in my right boob (silly nursing!) and some antibiotics were no good to me - so needless to say, you slept right next to me in my bed a lot that week!!
  • You went to Monkey Bizness again with your friend Hudson this time and loved it.
  • Celebrated your first Valentine's Day and were the star of our Valentine's Day card.
  • Went to your first baby shower - so fun and everyone loved you!  You and I are going to another one this weekend and I cannot wait because I love these girl dates with you.
  • I mentioned above, but you had your first ear infection AND got your first two teeth - oh my!

A note to our girl:

Time is a funny thing sweet girl.  You are growing up in the blink of an eye and changing daily.  But my favorite part is seeing your sweet personality emerge.  There are some days that I wish I didn't require any sleep and could just stay up all night with you in my arms sleeping and I could stare at you.  It's crazy, but I love you THAT much.  I really do.  I think back to life without you in our family and it's just not complete.  I love seeing you and Charlie develop this unbreakable bond.  He is already protecting you and got very angry when someone hit you this month - like so angry.  It was not fun to see you sad, but Charlie knew that was no ok to hit his "baby Addie".  I have a feeling you might have a hard time finding a date in about 15 years with Charlie and your dad around.

Essentially, you are just the most lovable, squeezable little lady and I keep reminding myself to literally soak every moment in because it really does go by in a blink of an eye.

Your parents


Charlie and Maddie both at 8 months old!

Maddie is very interested in the bubbles!!!

And she's off folks!!!!!!!!!

But the face came back when we todl her she had to sit on Charlie's lap!!!

This might be the best outtake ever.  Pretty much my kids are hating me right now for these pictures.

Cutest sleeper ever! I love snuggling with you in my bed when you wake up early!

My sweet girl- I could hold you forever.

Playing with play dough at school!

Charlie loves taking you for rides!!!

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