Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St Patty's Day!!

Happy St Patrick's day to you and yours!!!

Thought I'd put my picture I shared on Instagram of my kiddos and I in our green (which only happens because I set a reminder in my phone to remember to dress them in green!).

Behind the scenes of this shot-

Maddie had banana stuck on the bottom of her pants from dropping it in her high chair that then smeared all over my jeans.

Charlie did NOT want to partake unless he got a carrot (that I was packing in my snack bag for work).

Hence why willy is standing on guard waiting for the carrot to drop.

I had cute jeans and tennis shoes for Charlie to wear so we would all match.  Nope- he insisted on wearing those pants and his crocs!! Not sure why. Crocs with socks might not be the best look unless you're 80!? (See below)

Don't you like the valentines heart garland still hanging on the fireplace too?!  Haha!!

No big plans to celebrate, besides wearing our green and cooking steaks and asparagus tonight!  Maybe having lucky charms for dessert!!  Hope you enjoy some green beer.

And I got this on my time hop from 2 years ago visiting my grandparents in Iowa.  It was Charlie's first trip there and one of our last seeing my grandpa.  What a joy it was to capture these times with all of us together!!

Wishing you lots of luck today!!

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