Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father’s Day: the best dad(s)

It’s only fitting that we celebrate Father’s after my wonderful husband spent a whole week solo parenting while I was off in London for work.  Seriously…when I told people that I was going to London for a week for work (after already far too much traveling in May…) they always asked, “who is going to take care of your kids?”.  In which I would reply – their DAD, of course!!

So let me start there in saying that Jimmy is just amazing.  From when Charlie was six months old and I was trying to finish my MBA after taking a semester off after having him, Jimmy has done nothing but stepped up to the plate.  I took an intercession class that had me in class 3.5 hours, three nights a week on top of working full time and still breastfeeding.  I was so so worried about Charlie and Jimmy alone.  I knew how much work it was, of course, but Jimmy did nothing but support me.  He said – yep, take those classes, get them over with, get your MBA, follow your dreams…we will be great!  And they were.  He and I always say that the last year of finishing my MBA along with having a baby truly shaped us into the parents we have and are still becoming.  Moral of this story?  I have absolute confidence in my adorable and responsible husband to take care of our children when I’m away.  And to me, that speaks volumes.  I couldn’t do half of the things I do and pursue the career I love without him as my partner.  Jimmy, you are the best. 

And my goodness – now that I’m home – take some time to yourself because a full 7 days of solo parenting wears the best of us out. 

But really, I have just loved watching this man transform from a 21 year old young man that I met one night in Lawrence, KS, to this loving father.  From wrestling with Charlie and Maddie, to giving them baths, to reading bed time stories and making them dinner.  There is nothing better than doing life with him and watching how our kids adore him so.


Then there is my dad.  Roger Bruns.  He’s the greatest and his enthusiasm for life is just contagious.  I realize now how incredibly blessed I am to have a dad like him.  He’s been there as my sister and I’s constant support from day 1 and he’s still there for us – and now he’s there for our kiddos too.  Such a blessing and as he starts this new part of his life in retirement, I couldn’t be more excited for him to see all the fun things he will do!!!


And finally, Jimmy’s dad, Red.  He’s got the heart of gold.  I love seeing him interact with his grandkids; they just love their Pops so much!!!  He loves to hold them when they are babies, swing with them outside and watch them play as they get older.  He helped to raise 5 outstanding men (Jimmy and his four brothers), which is not an easy feat, but one he did very well.  Combined with his now 10 grandkids (Maddie is missing from this picture as this was taken at Red’s 60th birthday party just days after Charlie was born).  

And Sue caught a super sweet moment when he was giving Maddie a bottle when they were watching him while we were in Mexico!!

So Happy Father’s Day to all the father’s out there – but especially to those three that are so close to my heart!

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