Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Organized sports: Mini & Me soccer

Ok so forgive my timing of this because Charlie’s first taste of soccer seems like ages ago.   As he’s already halfway done with mini and me t-ball, but this is a must to document because your first experience of organized sports is always fun….and interesting.

But where we live, you can start doing “mini and me” sports at the age of 2.5 through the city.  When I first mentioned wanting to get Charlie involved in soccer, Jimmy said “no” because he said he a) didn’t like soccer at all and b) Charlie was too young to get it.  However, I kept pushing the conversation because I felt like it was a good age to start to try and get him used to the fundamentals that every organized sport/event brings.  Mainly listening and taking directions from some other authority figure (other than his parents he sees every day and his teachers at school he sees almost every day), waiting his turn (aka patience) and eventually growing into understanding what it means to be on a team.  The first two I think he will learn in everyday life of growing up, but the third thing – understanding what it means to be a team – I just think is crucial to learn and understand because for the rest of his life…he will be expected to work in a team environment in some way.  Through all ages of school and then well into the working world.  I’m pretty persuasive when I do want something, so Jimmy finally agreed I could enroll Charlie in Saturday morning mini and me soccer.  And then I told my friend, Vanessa, about it and Arden got enrolled in the fun too.  Because no one wants to be a soccer mom alone, right? 

Not going to lie, buying the equipment needed was so fun for Jimmy (they just needed shin guards and socks…but Jimmy really wanted him to have cleats, so whatever dad’s want).  However, Charlie was not a fan of any of his new equipment at first at ALL.

IMG_1265IMG_1266 (2)IMG_1267IMG_1268IMG_1271

Luckily, as you can tell from the pictures, he finally decided that the new shin guards and socks were “ok” and then became obsessed with the cleats and wanted to wear them nonstop.  I guess there could be worse things, right?

Each Saturday morning, starting the last Saturday in March, at 9:15, we headed out to the soccer park for some “fun”.  I missed the first week for my girl’s weekend in Manhattan…but super dad took Charlie to soccer (even on a chilly morning) while my mom hung out with Maddie in the back of the van.  This was the picture I got and oh my – what a handsome little devil he is.


Overall from the first practice, there was only up to go.  Ha.  My dad was very excited and brought over a pop up soccer goal and came to “practice” with him on the commands and actions to do when coach Jackie told all the kiddos what to do.  He started to catch on and some weeks he was excited and others, he wasn’t.  Luckily the weather got nicer and then Maddie got to come watch and hang out together too, so it was a family affair.  Even better when your best friend is there to talk to as well, right?


He got MUCH better and more used to the whole thing as the “season” went on for sure.  But being an almost three year old is rough and some Saturday’s he just didn’t like life in general – including soccer.  So the cheerios I was using to entertain his sister were a bit more appealing some moments then playing soccer, but we made it until the end.  And, of course, in today’s fashion – every kid got a medal for their participation.  Charlie liked getting the medal, but didn’t like wearing it at all.


However, all the parents did attempt to get a cute “team” picture.  And apparently one lesson that Charlie needs to learn is that you stand WITH your team.  Oh man.  This kid.

We are not in the midst of mini and me t-ball with his friends Jackson and Brantley, which is also on Saturday mornings and he loved getting the glove and loves practicing hitting – so I’d say it’s a success so far.  However – the weather has been cold for the first two practices…weird Kansas weather.  But off to a good start becoming a soccer/baseball mom…and Miss Maddie already getting used to getting dragged everywhere and rolls with it.  Love her.

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  1. You missed the first nice day of baseball!! Let's hope this Saturday follows suit!