Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Wichita - take 2

So last time we made a road trip to Wichita back in March for our first time visiting David and Lauren- well it's safe to say you could call it a disaster of sorts.  Maddie got sick, puked all night (and on the bed and the floor), we ended up in the ER and got to spend no time with our hosts or Katie and her kids.  Pretty much a huge bummer!!

So when we set this date in our calendar, I was hoping this trip would be the complete opposite- and it was!!! It was seriously so fun.  The kids did really well, not only did we get to spend quality time with David and Lauren, we we even got in a visit to the Moore house for some evening time with them.  Overall, I'd call it a huge success.  Even better, Charlie had told all his teachers that we were going on an airplane, on a boat and to see Mickey.  So when we went to pick our kids up a little early - they all thought we were going on a Disney Cruise.  LOL.  Or not.  Wichita.  Haha, they laughed and yep, we did too.  This kid has an imagination of his own.

I took off work at noon on Friday to pack our car! We were also playing Craigslist delivery service for Ali on a fun, new photography prop- so our car was full!!

Maddie napped the whole way there.  Seriously she's an angel.  She even slept through her crazy brother screaming "I want out of my car seat" the last 40 minute of the trip.  (To be followed up with us actually stopping at a rest stop 10 minutes from our final destination and me trying to get him out of the car to pee and him then start screaming "I DO NOT want out of my car seat"- he's quite confusing this one).

Lauren and David were ready to BBQ when we got there and Charlie went straight to the play set. He even remembered they had one!!  Did I mention I can't wait to get ours?!! #only20times #pleasestopraining #theyneedtoworkonourbackyard

Charlie enjoyed all the food!

The next day, we were all up early and got ready for Maddie's one year photo session with the talented, Ali Moore, and even better, a dear friend who just gets kids and how pictures stress me out.  We met her at 8am at a park and were done by 9. Perfect!! Of course, there are funny stories that involve poop (of course!!) but I'll save those when I post the pics!

After pictures (Lauren and her 7 month pregnant belly tagged along!), we went to target and then back to her house for Maddie's nap.  Lauren and I took Charlie to the neighborhood park while she napped and got to chat lots about her sweet little boy and all the stuff to prepare, questions, etc.  it was HOT people and also nap time-- so we ate lunch, put Charlie down and that lasted about an hour- so off to the pool we went in hopes to cool down and entertain.

Guess what?! It was loved by all!! At first he was terrified but by the end was jumping in with dad.

And this beautiful chunker enjoyed her first dip in the pool too!!!! Yeah!!! Water baby!

Then the girls went back to put Maddie down for a nap (I swear- all my kids do is seem to nap but they are STILL cranky- what gives?!).  Then we got ready to head to Longhorn steakhouse, which is where Lauren's little brother is the general manager!!

We were excited to see Calen's name above the entrance! He's kind of an big deal!!

Pretty much my kids loved the booth.  Didn't eat a thing.  Bothered each other the whole time.  And David got a glimpse into his future...all in just an hour.

But Maddie's face - oh my.  I love it.

FINALLY we got a shot of Lauren and David + us.  I tell you what - just have too much fun to stop and take pictures.

On our way back to their house we made a quick stop at the Moore's house.  This time - our kids were there which was just so much fun.  Their house is amazing and their backyard?  OMG - yard envy!!  So much fun stuff to do out there and the kids had a blast playing with each other.  Andrew made them all malts, and while half of them were spilled...they loved every bit of it.

Maddie got a little feisty with Nelle and Henry made sure she knew that messing with his sister was not ok.  I'm pretty sure my heart melted because it was so sweet!  What a good big bro!

We got home, put the kids to bed and went outside on the deck to hang out.  I just want to invite my friends in KC with kids over to spend the night because man, it sure is nice having other adults around to talk after the kids are asleep (not that I don't like Jimmy....but you know).

The next morning, we were of course, up bright and early and accidentally set off the alarm while we were trying to sneak outside with our kids to play, coffee in hand.  Oops.  Let's just say it was LOUD.

As we packed up our stuff, Charlie found the last remaining cupcake from the photo session on Saturday morning and he wanted it bad.  That was after eating like 15 of their granola bars that he liked to help himself to in the pantry. This kid - I swear.

But boy did he love that cupcake!!

Seriously, I didn't do a good job of documenting the weekend but it was so good to stay with the Hart's and get to see the Moore's!  What a treat.  Next time we are going to get our kids together earlier and wear them out even more.

The drive back was great (I drove!) and the kids slept most of the way home.  Talk about a treat!!

Until next time Wichita....And I'm so sad to be missing Lauren's baby shower this weekend, but don't worry, we'll spoil that little boy when he gets here even more!!!


  1. It was SO fun having you in town! xo

  2. Such a fun weekend. So glad you came to stay with us.....come back anytime!!! 😘