Tuesday, June 16, 2015

11 months with sweet Maddie

So 12 days ago…Miss Maddie turned 11 months old.  So that means the inevitable is almost here, here first birthday.  How did this happen so fast???

This month, your brother refused to get out of the pictures with you.  Actually he didn't want to leave your side.  So odd - but cute, so instead of making him start screaming in protest - I just went with it.

Length:  30 in (98%) aka tall
Weight:  at the surgery center on June 1, she was 24.8 lbs!!!
Head: 18 in - maybe the same as 9 months?!
  • TUBES!!!  Yep – we got those on June 1 and I swear, you were a new baby almost instantly.  The doctor said when he made the small incision to insert the tubes that infected fluid came out of both of them.  Gross.  But he said you would feel so much better just walking out of the surgery center…even with all the anesthesia because of that.  And that day?  You started walking.
  • Did you read that?  Yes – it’s official you started walking this month.  It was so fun to see you start to stand up on your own, then slowly start taking a step or two with some confidence…to now you will not stop walking.  It’s crazy seeing you from that viewpoint now.  The fact that you are turning into a toddler is becoming more and more true.
  • I don’t think you have gotten any more teeth in the last month – but I swear you are starting to get some molars…are there one year molars?  You have been chomping down on your pacifier hard in the area where I think those are coming in. 
  • You are much better at sleeping and going to bed now.  When we first lay you down, you don’t like it at all and you start to scream.  But that only lasts a few minutes and then you are fast asleep.  I think all this walking and stair climbing is wearing you out!  But let’s go back to waking up after 6AM.  You and your brother both!!!
  • Still in those size 4 diapers.  And you just hate getting your diaper changed.  Won’t stop moving.
  • I said last month you eat anything…but this month was a game changer.  You even tried peanut butter and loved it!!
  • You still drink from a cup and a bottle but you literally almost refuse to take a bottle that is fed to you – you much prefer to just grab it yourself and lay down.  Already so independent.
  • At 11 months, you’re still much a fan of nursing.  And so am I.  I even pumped 3 times a day in Mexico and am doing the same in London.  I’m not sure why, but I just don’t “feel” like either of us are ready and it is not that big of an inconvenience to me at all.  I swear.  Except the whole plug not working in the UK thing…but I’m looking forward to nursing you at least a few more times and I hope you are too.  However, your teeth – yeah….
  • You now scream randomly sometimes.  it totally surprises us all (the look on your face is just so funny when you do it!).  Talking SO much since you got tubes.  You say bye-bye sometimes and mama all the time.  I can tell you are just staring at my mouth when I try to ask you to say things.  I really want you to say “uh-oh”.  But you just stare at me.
Things you like:
  • Walking!!!
  • Climbing up all stairs
  • Stealing toys from Charlie
  • Eating.  All the time.
  • Water and milk
  • Laughing at Chaz
  • Wrestling with your dad – so funny, you literally go over and immediately pounce on him whenever he is on the ground.  He loves it!!
Things you don't like:
  • It’s a hit or miss with the bath tub these days.  Sometimes you just love it and sometimes you randomly start screaming for your life.  Odd kid sometimes!!
  • DIAPER!!  Seriously woman, you won’t sit still and it makes it quite difficult!!!
Special memories this month!!
  • I celebrated my first mother’s day with a daughter – how special.  We had a busy but oh so fun day celebrating with our family and extended families as well.  So lucky to be your mom!
  • It was time for Papa to retire – you went to the assembly and crawled up to him in the middle of the video – you love him.
  • You and Charlie took some pretty cute school pictures
  • You were going to go to your first Royal’s game (with your brother), but you got sick and had a girl’s night in with Nana.  We are going to BATS Royal’s night, so don’t you worry!
  • Well – pretty much I never saw you this month.  Ok, that’s horrible, but that is what it felt like!!!  It was our first time away from each other and it’s finally coming to a close and I cannot wait.  Between Orlando for work and then Mexico with your dad and then my work trip to London…we’ve been enjoying the time in between
  • You spent some fun times with Grana and Pops, Nana and Papa and your cousins!!
  • You got TUBES!  First surgery (and hopefully last for a while)…you did great – besides the whole you couldn’t eat part, you didn’t like that – but you were seriously a new baby after.  Sleeping better, started walking that day and happier!
  • On a sad note, this month you also lost two of your canine companions, Milly and Willy.  I cannot bring myself to blog about it just yet because it still doesn't seem real....but girlfriend, those dogs and you had quite the connection - especially you and Willy.  You were blessed to have them in your life for 11 months and vice versa.
A note to our girl:

You are amazing.  Seriously, sometimes your cuteness is just too much for me to handle.  You have gone into full out mama’s girl this month and when we are together you want me to hold you 24/7.  I get it though, I haven’t left you for your whole life and then all of a sudden you turn 10 months old and I decide to jet off all over the world (literally).  I promise I will make it up to!!!  But this was such a fun month and it has been just wonderful to see you change and mold your sassy little personality into the young girl you will become, faster than I can imagine that happening.  I cannot believe the next post I write you will be a full year old.  I cannot wait to celebrate you my sweet girl and your amazing year on this Earth.  You came into our family and just made it so much better than we could ever imagine.

Your parents

PS I refuse to acknowledge that anyone refers to you as a toddler.  Refuse.
Comparison picture at 11 months-

I mean these two just had way too much fun doing this.

And her legs. Oh my.  Delicious!!!

Watch out world!

And this kid - all he wanted to do was sit on the bear in his underwear and say "cheese".


Fun with Pops!

Trying on her Minnie bow from Disney World.  Not a fan.

These two are pretty cute!


We just love summertime and swimsuits!

Walking is her fav!

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  1. What an awesome update!! I'm so glad surgery went well and the tubes seem to be helping! And yes, those legs, just delicious!! I can't believe she's walking! Mine isn't even crawling, LOL