Monday, July 18, 2016

July fourth weekend fun

So I just posted about our sweet little Fourth of July baby turning two (we celebrated the weekend before)...but when your birthday falls on Fourth of July, you get the whole weekend to celebrate too!

We kicked off our holiday weekend by heading over to spend some time with our small group friends from church - there are seven (soon to be eight) kiddos between the four family's and they have come to really like each other after about a year of us being in a small group together - as we have with their parents.  Carli and Scott hosted a great BBQ and then of course we had to celebrate with some fun poppers that she got for the kids.  Oh and there was no shortage of the "big" kids playing (aka see the picture on the top right of Jimmy - our kids were slightly confused...and then Scott showed us all his amazing adult scooter birthday present!).  We stayed out SO late (for us because we usually leave around 7:30/45) that it was dark enough for the big boys to catch lightning bugs - Charlie LOVED it!

Maddie and her poppers - haha.  She didn't quite understand and liked to throw them on the ground and step on them.  Love her.

The whole weekend forecast in KC called for rain.  And lots of it.  We woke up on Saturday morning, mama wanted a bagel from Einstein Brothers (which there is not one anywhere near our house).  So we loaded everyone in the car and headed across town in the rain.  Getting everyone in and out of the van is SO much more fun (insert sarcasm) when it's pouring down rain.  haha.

Oh and guess what?  Maddie picked up a purple glue stick (our house was still in shambles and everything was in the dining room....) and while we were driving and not watching her, she decided it was fun to put it all over her face and hair.  I swear this girl.

At the bagel place, we left some guy and his son go in front of us - and he took the last of the bagels that I was craving (major bummer), so I was in a great mood.  Haha.  But the kids loved the bagels and after we headed to Lowe's to look for stuff for the baby's room and some last minute things to finish up some of the kitchen stuff.

It finally did stop raining a bit - and apparently our children liked to find their own snacks - as I caught them both eating FROZEN waffles.  Seriously #weirdos

Mid-day, while Jimmy and I were busy putting our first floor back together (as everything was finally done with painting!!), I was totally freaked out because I wasn't feeling the baby.  I had never had this happen to me with the past two pregnancies - so I called the doctor on call and she said to be safe just head in to the hospital.  It was enough of a scare that my blood pressure was high, but luckily everything was ok!!  Whew!  Then we headed over after naps to Prairie Village (where we used to live across town!) because our sweet nephew, Jay, was getting baptized.  We had quite the day already so decided to skip mass because we were barely going to make it there and just grab some dinner out before heading over to Jay's party after the baptism. 

We got there before everyone and went into their house and took pictures (and videos) of our kids to pass the time.  They didn't seem to mind!

We had a blast celebrating Baby Jay and playing with Hillary's sister's kiddos too - I cannot WAIT to have this baby and give Jay a cousin that is just three months younger.  What a blessing.  He is just the sweetest little thing and we have loved watching Bobby and Hillary become parents!!!

Sunday, we just went to church and spent time with our little family celebrating Maddie.  Of course, we got her favorite - PIZZA and ended up getting the Triple Treat box from Pizza Hut (after seeing intense advertising!!) and it was a success.  This girl loves her pizza AND her dad so much!!  

Then it was time for the actually Fourth of July holiday on Monday AND Maddie's birthday.  While some might call us crazy, we decided to invite all our neighbors and kids over for breakfast on July 4th before our neighborhood parade.  I think we decided on this Friday and I was so thrilled when most everyone said they were going to be in town and would love to come over!  We had a FULL house with so many kids and parents and drinks and food. Birthday girl, got in her birthday suit (of course) before we headed out to the parade that is by our pool/playground.

Leslie did an awesome job of organizing the parade with a photo booth, parade and of course, popsicles!

We got a family picture and it was SOOOOO humid if you cannot tell.  The temperatures weren't too horrible, but this pregnant mama was HOT.

PS - this is my go-to Fourth of July dress.  It's not maternity, but I wore it when I was pregnant with Charlie in July 2012 too!!

Even Toby was decked out for the holiday!!  (he got his haircut in the morning and PetCo gave him a fun bandanna)

After naps (for everyone!!!), we walked down to our neighbors house for a BBQ and more kid fun.  We have loved getting to know all our new neighbors - as most of them have moved in at the end of last year, it's been a fun first spring/summer with everyone and their kiddos.  While MacKenzie had some awesome fireworks for the kiddos, our kids were BEAT and so tired (as was I!), so we headed out early and promised Charlie he could stay up and we could watch the fireworks from our house.  We were hoping that we could see our city fireworks from our house (they just moved to a new and close location this year)...but none of our windows were at a good angle - but guess what?  The cul-de-sac behind us put on quite the show that we could see from our bedroom window and Charlie loved it.  He has a love/hate relationship with fireworks, so it was a hit or miss.  Sweet Maddie slept right through all the commotion - turning two is tiring!! 

After a long weekend, we all had a hard time getting back to school/work on Tuesday.  But when I picked the kiddos up from school on Tuesday I was so surprised and proud to find what Charlie's art was for the day.  The teacher told me to pick it up and take it home and I was so confused at his response.  I looked around to see everyone else's because we don't go to a Christian or religious preschool...other kiddos said they were thankful for their toys, family, playing - and our sweet boy.  Seriously - he's thankful that he has the freedom to believe in God.  When I asked him about it in the car and if he told Ms Emily to write that.  He said yes...but mom, I'm thankful for Jesus too.  Seriously melt this mama's heart.  So proud of this little man and hope he continues this love for Christ well into his childhood!!

I know this is late - but have loved reading everyone's Fourth of July updates....and just had this as a draft and wanted to post!!!  Love holidays!


  1. I am so bad about taking photos over the weekend so when the 4th was a Monday, I failed at documenting it. Maybe the next holiday... which is what? Labor Day!

  2. I'm so jealous of all your fun neighbors with kids! We live in a old neighborhood with hardly any kids :(

    I would have seriously cried if the bagel I wanted wasn't there - I was that pregnant person, LOL!

    And OMG Maddie with the glue stick! What a stinker, but a cute one!! Avery took one the other day and put it all in her hair too, so fun!! Not! :)