Friday, July 29, 2016

It's Friday!?!

Guess what?  I'm surviving - we are surviving and day by day our little man gets bigger and more fun and more loved.  It's crazy how an hour of sleep {more} makes me feel like a new person!  But I'm not going to lie these first few weeks the days and nights and weekdays and weekends somewhat string together.  Our older kids are adapting and are possibly a little more ornery and have more of an attitude than before, but not sure if we should attribute that to a new baby OR their new ages!  Ha!

So here's a few things on this Friday!


While I'd like to tell you everything is all about baby Mikey around here, truth be told, with two other kids, that's just not the case.  Especially when we are prepping for big brother's FOURTH birthday.  I'm not one that likes to sit around, so Mikey and I have been spending our mornings (since Wednesday when Jimmy went back to work) out shopping - we take a break to feed in the car - and then get home around lunchtime.  What are we shopping for?  Mainly trying to finish out the nursery (now that we know Mikey's a HE) and birthday/birthday party prep for Charlie.  Who knew something so simple as turning 4 could require so much mama coordination.  But I'm happy to say...Charlie has his Batman cupcakes, napkins and pencils at school today (I even delivered when Mikey and I picked him up yesterday) and we are ready for the Ninja themed party at the local gymnastics gym Saturday afternoon!!  

Don't feel bad for me - we did this to ourselves by having ALL three kids in July!  Next July is already stressing me out!!


Yesterday we had some bananas that went rotten laying around.  I wasn't about to let them go bad - so I found a 2 ingredient recipe on Pinterest and threw in some fresh blueberries we had and OMG they are so good.  I didn't even tell my kids about them because I want to eat them all!

Check out the recipe here.



Ok back to baby talk (because you know I cannot resist it) - I blogged a while back about the essentials for baby #3 - but I added one to the list (I think).  Have you heard of the Dock-a-tot?

Well our Mikey, he's a GRUNTER.  Actually, that initial grunting when he was born is what got him a short stint in the NICU.  Thankfully it wasn't due to any major problems or respiratory issues like they had thought and the constant grunting stopped.  However, the kid grunts all night long.  And is a LOUD sleeper.  When we took him in for his one week check up on Tuesday, that was the one concern I brought up.  Her recommendation?  Move him to his room - he will be fine.

With that direction in mind, I was obviously nervous because he's SO little still and I like having him right next to me to nurse.  Charlie didn't stay in our room too long - but at least for a few weeks.  And I'm pretty sure Maddie was in our room for like 4 months (AH!).  I needed something to make me feel better about moving him into his big ole crib.  My high school friend, Jen, recommended the Dock-a-tot.  I checked it out and wasn't too thrilled about the high price tag....but was willing to give it a try for my sanity.

I got it on Wednesday and stuck it in his crib and let him nap.  He napped 2 hours straight!  WHAT?!  I was so perplexed because also...he was laying flat.  Which our other kids have slept in the rock n play and had a hard time transitioning to a flat crib.  First night?  It went ok - his tummy is still so little so it's not like a miracle "MY BABY SLEPT 10 HOURS" business - but he seems to like and will grunt around and put himself to sleep - so that's enough for me.

All the sides are breathable and it's super easy to travel with, etc.  We got the Deluxe size which should last up to 8 months old.  Final recommendation still TBD, but I'm liking it a lot so far.  And Mikey doesn't seem to mind either!


Anyone else dying to see this???  It comes out today!



Why not end with a picture of my THREE kids!?!?  (still feels weird to say that!)

I made them these shirts intended for when they came to the hospital to meet Mikey - well, they came up in them, but little Mike has just been whisked off to the NICU, so it was not the ideal "meeting" I had I threw them in them (bribed the bigger ones) and said "SMILE like you love each other" - because you know they do.

They make my heart so happy!

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  1. Those shirts are adorable! Here I am searching Etsy for similar style shirts and here you are making your own! Also 2-ingredient banana muffins?! Pinning and making ASAP! I'm all about quick and easy these days!

  2. Way to go Mama, getting everything ready for Charlie! That's how I was with Ella because she turned 2 a month after Avery was born.

    Those muffins look and sound so easy and delish!!

    That Dock A Tot thing sounds pretty neat, I hope it continues to work out!

    I cannot wait to see Bad Moms!! And that last picture, just precious!!