Monday, July 18, 2016

Rewind- Father's Day weekend fun (and quick baby #3 update)

Ok - hi it's me!  Quick baby update for the blog:

No baby as of Monday, July 18th - and YES I was supposed to have this baby in a scheduled induction on Friday, July 15th.  But guess what?  The #worldseriesbabyboom in KC is a real thing.  The hospital was SO full on Friday that I got a call on Thursday night at 5:30 that I was on the wai list and they would call at 5AM.  They didn't - I was restless and called at find out I was THIRD on the wait list.  SERIOUSLY!!? Talk about devastation.  However, they said there was still a chance so don't eat (easy to say to a 39+ week pregnant person) and wait.  At 10:30 the charge nurse called to say there was no way it was happening on Friday and that my doctor has rescheduled me to Tuesday morning at 7AM (she doesn't work Mondays).  And then I got told to "have a good weekend" and I immediately hung up the phone and just started bawling my eyes out.  I was SO emotionally and mentally ready to have and meet this baby on Friday that I couldn't believe.  And to have to wait FOUR more days in the hottest weather ever taking care of my two other kids (all tasks that in my mind I wouldn't have to do this pregnant again after Friday...).  Needless to say, I was a total wreck on Friday - pulled out of it Saturday (somewhat) for some fun family events, was sad again on Sunday morning and then made for a fun Sunday afternoon.  I just didnt' realize how much being this pregnant and the last month is such a MENTAL thing (as well as physical...haha).  So here we go.  Jimmy is at home with me today, working on finishing up nursery stuff (that we haven't had time for...), I'm relaxing in the AC and catching up on the blog (that I also haven't had time for...) so I can be ready to blog all about life and baby #3 when they are **hopefully** here tomorrow.  (Don't even talk to me if I get another wait list phone call.  Not prepared for that - nope)

And that's that.

Ok, a quick rewind/photo dump because we sure have had a fun last MONTH that I haven't blogged about at all- some that I don't want to forget about leading up to how much our life is going to change!

Father's Day weekend:

1. Charlie just LOVED playing superhero in my parents back hard every morning.  Considering he was up every day at 5am at my parents house it was a good way to burn off energy for sure!

2. We made a quick trip to the doctor.  Knock on wood- but it's been nice to not be making lots of trips there lately...but Charlie's had a wart on his hand for awhile and the darn thing won't go away! So off to get it frozen.  (luckily a month later it's GONE - WAHOO!!!!)

3.  After a brave boy at the doctor, we took our first family trip to Scheel's in Corbin Park!  It was awesome (better than the one in Des Moines think!).  And the kids loved the Ferris wheel!

4.  Jimmy texted his brothers that were in town and they all came out to our pool (except Bobby and Hillary who have little baby Jay and it's HOT).  It was a fun trip to the pool with this crowd - I love watching our kids play with their cousins so so much.  And I cannot wait to enjoy a beer with everyone soon!

5. Maddie and Kenlie.  These two are a pair. Kenlie just turned 10 and is just the best big cousin - Maddie, at 2, has a personality of her own - so I'm hoping she starts showing love and affection for Kenlie before Maddie become uncool.  

6. Can you see what's in that picture?  SUSHI!  That meant a date night - one of the perks of living with my parents for 2 weeks - they said get OUT and go, we'll put the kids to bed.  Yes please.  So cooked sushi rolls it was and a night out with my man - nothing fancy but great conversation.  We literally talked about our kids the whole time and I cried because they are growing up too fast #pregnancyhormones

7.  House progress (at the time?!)  - we were so excited that the cabinets were all painted!!  WAHOO!

8. We got our Nest cams!!!! This was one of the five baby items that I mentioned I wanted with baby #3.  We started with 3 of them (they were $50 off for like a week + 5% off at Target) and then I got a little crazy and got one more.  We set Charlie's up at my parents house and loved it!  I'm officially obsessed!

9.  In celebrating Father's day - we made it to KC Bier Co and even though it was a slight hike across was so fun and once it cools down a bit in KC (and I can enjoy beer) we will go back. But seriously - how handsome are my two boys!

10.  Last but not least - more cousin love over the weekend.  It was so fun to get together with the Carter crew two days in a row...and to celebrate all of their greatness as father's.  

So that was it for our weekend a MONTH ago.  Sorry for the delay, but #life. 


  1. I sure hope your kiddos are at daycare today so you can thoroughly enjoy this final day!! And I can't wait to see the nursery!!

  2. What the what? I've never heard of baseball running the maternity ward!! Good luck when you finally get "squeezed" in! And I can't wait to meet you new little love.