Monday, July 11, 2016

Summer birthday box blogger swap!

I'm not going to lie- pretty sure my kiddos think the mail man = Santa lately!!! With Charlie getting such a fun boy box a few weeks ago and then they BOTH got goodies in the summer birthday exchange- they are in love with getting mail. I was thrilled to get Liz's email this year asking if we wanted to participate!  Funny story- she actually sent me it last year too- but I had set up an email linked to my blog....and then never ever (like 9-10 months never ever) checked it.  I was so bummed when I finally found the email again, logged in and saw this fun thing to miss out on. So this year I was all over the...

Since both my kiddos are July birthdays- I thought it would be fun for both of them to participate.  Which made for double the fun (in giving and receiving!!!).

First up, Charlie!!!  He was so excited to get awesome awesome package from Laura and Liam at tiny toes, little nose!!!  I loved that we got paired with her - I have followed her blog from afar for a while and it was just the push I need to start reading it more and commenting.  She has a beautiful family and 2 awesome boys - and in my mind couldn't live in a more fun state!  Anyways, I made him wait until Maddie had one of her packages too - he was dying to open it up.  Such cute wrapping paper and even more fun opening up the Ninjago legos (seriously his FAVORITE) and then an awesome Ballpark book.  

We got to do half of the Lego build the night of the opening - but then Charlie had to wait until the next day for the rest of it.  (I mean, does anyone else think that Legos are awesome but also so time consuming - especially with an impatient almost 4 year old!!??  Maybe that's why they are made for 7 year olds...)

I had to take a video because he was so excited!!!

And here is an up close of the awesome book we got! 

We love reading it and already have read it a ton - it's perfect in the middle of Royal's baseball season!!!!

And onto Maddie's birthday box - she got an awesome present from Laureen and Tyson at  Chateau Deveau!!  She's so super cute and her family looks awesome too - check out her blog!!  I loved her recent post about her anniversary and referencing the Frankie Ballard song that I LOVE!  The present that they sent Maddie came in two boxes - so it made it double the fun.  One from Amazon that she opened the same time as Charlie.  It was an awesome camp fire set (see picture below) that she's already played with a ton - they both love to "roast marshmallows" on it.  Haha.

The second box came a day later - so Maddie got to do round 2 - even better.  That box was full of awesome Minion stuff - her favorite!  A fun necklace - which she loves - and wait for it, SUCKERS and FRUIT SNACKS.  Haha.  Oh the life of a 2 year old.  Just buy her those snacks and she's happy!

Here is the awesome camp fire set - a better close up!


It was so stinking fun to see them open their fun mail surprises!!  I'm not kidding that they both talked about getting "fun mail" for about a week after they arrived!  So thank you so much to Laura and Liam AND to Laureen and Tyson - it was a great swap and so much fun to see the kiddos opening up their birthday goodies!

And even more fun?  We loved shopping for Brantley and Ethan who Charlie and Maddie were paired with.  We are real life friends with Sarah and Brantley and I have followed Ethan's mom, Natasha, for a while now - so needless to say they were great to partner up with and we hope they loved their gifts as much as we liked shopping for them!!

Thanks again to Liz for organizing - what a fun swap!!  Check out all the other blogs and fun goodies that others got - all kids with summer time birthday - a lot of them are 2012 babies like Charlie too!!!

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  1. Woah, such good things for the kids!!
    I've never seen that campfire set, but it's so fun!

  2. The kids got the most awesome stuff! I mean Legos and that campfire set? Perfection!
    So glad you guys were able to participate this year! Happy Birthday to Charlie and Maddie!
    PS I just saw your post below about being 38 weeks. Are you going to have 3 July babies?? So crazy and so fun!!

  3. Aww, thanks for the sweet words! So glad the gifts were a hit! Liam is currently obsessed with Legos; he will, however, sit for an entire hour plus putting one together. And that campfire set couldn't be any cuter.

  4. Brantley would also love that baseball book and that campfire set is adorable!! Thanks again for Brantley's gifts! He was so excited to play Pie Face, but after his first pie in the face, he decided he was done with the game for awhile. Oh threenagers. Wait, he's no longer a threenager. What do I call a difficult 4-year old!?