Friday, October 28, 2016


You made it to the weekend (almost...a few more hours!)!!


I got to be the mom behind "takeover Tuesday" on the Kansas City Mom's blog instagram account on Tuesday.  I had so much fun posting about my day as a working mom of our 3 kiddos.  While I'm very happy that I don't have to post everything about my day EVERYDAY (I was somehow exhausted from doing it - or maybe it was just from the day in general), it was so fun to interact with the KCMB followers and get tips from them and share insight.

While sometimes the world of social media can be so negative, I loved being a part of that day and the mommas in KC interacting with me. Very happy to be a part of that contributor team.  Here is a glimpse of the pictures I posted!


Last weekend we ventured back to Lawrence for the KU Homecoming game.  Yes, they are terrible.  Yes, I went to K-State.  But even though my heart it with the Wildcats, the fact that this is 20 minutes down the highway, tickets were $9 each just for Jimmy and I (yes, they are THAT bad) and we get to spend time with neighbors and family is something I cannot pass up.  

We always have a blast and seriously - our kids just love it.  Maddie is OBSESSED with the marching band.  Literally obsessed.  We now watch the Ohio State marching band regularly on You Tube.  I love it.

And teh good news is - traveling with three is getting more manageable.  However, once Mikey is on the go and moving - life = over! Haha!


My friend, Vanessa, likes to fuel my online shopping with her vidoes she posts for How Does She every Monday!  This Monday she posted these adorable booties that have a shorter heel.  I have ones that I love, but I've found I like those for occasions where I have to walk less and not chase my children.  And better yet, they were on sale AND on Amazon Prime.  Done.

I got them yesterday and can't wait to put to good use!  Thanks for the recommendation, Vanessa!


In just a few weeks, we are leaving all three kiddos for the first time and heading down south to a wedding that Jimmy is in.  His friend from college is getting married in Houston and while the logistics of getting family to watch our kids Thursday - Sunday is not easy and the thought of being away from Mikey for 3 days literally breaks my heart....I'm also looking forward to some good quality time with my husband.  

The wedding is black tie though - so I need to make sure I get a little fancy!!  Of course, I immediately go to Amazon to shop because why not.  I have bought some other dresses off of there for cheap and they were perfect.  I was thinking I needed a long more formal dress like this one...

But Jimmy is saying that I need a short dress!  Thoughts?  Black tie appropriate attire?? (also - I will have to pump in this, so keep that in mind!)


Today is a day of Halloween parties!!!  Two of them.  Our kid's parties at school are the same exact time as the party my work has every year for everyone's kids.  BUMMER.  However, I left the option up to my kids and both of them made it very clear they wanted to come into my work (because apparently that is super cool!).  However, as we have drawn nearer to the day of their party, I'm nervous with all the excitement and preparation at school they are not going to want to leave.  Jimmy is going to gather all 3 and then bring them to my work, so I'm hopeful for no meltdowns about leaving their party!  Sad to miss seeing the parade with friends and activities in their classes - but I'm really excited for them to come in and show all my coworkers just really how adorable they are :)  Haha, hopefully they behave!!  Here is a picture preview of their outfits this year.

However, Maddie pulled an audible this morning and said she wanted to wear her Elsa costume instead of Bat Girl.  Go figure!  Wasn't a fight I was going to have, so she'll be princessed up today!

Hope everyone has a great pre-Halloween weekend!!!

PS Where has the month of October gone?  For reals.

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  1. Ok first...$9 tix?! What!? I need to go to a KU game...who cares if they suck! haha! Second...let me know if you like those booties...I have Toms wedges and while I love them they are not super practical with kid outings. finally...go for a long dress!! They are all the this is like your chance to dress up and feel fancy sans kids...DO IT!

  2. I have those boots too and love them so much!! I would go long dress, it's Fall and black tie, long dress for sure!! I love shopping on Amazon!