Saturday, October 22, 2016

Three months old now!

BIG MIKE!!  Three months old!
(A little late on the post but I actually took the picture a day early! Go me!)

Length: ??
Weight: 14lbs 8oz 
Head: ??

Three months.  A fourth of the way to one year old.  I know, I know, that's jumping ahead - but seriously.  Three kids in...I can tell you for a fact that first year FLIES by and then the time just keeps flying and goes so fast.  Especially kid #3 when we are running here and there!!!  Before I know it...I'll be looking back on this first year and then second and third and on...!!

This kid is just the CUTEST.  I love this age so much.  He's getting so much more fun.  When you talk to him, he "talks" back by ooing and gooing at you.  His gummy smile melts my heart.  And it really makes me so happy to see him after work.  He's the only little boy at Miss Marie's and I can tell that he has already won her heart over.  Just his sweet smile and demeanor!!!

  • Smiling, laughing and loving life
  • I wish I had more time for tummy time - but I feel like I'm not with you enough to do this...but we are moving up in the world and hanging in the bumbo now AND busted out the bouncers!
  • Sleep is still amazing.  Soaking it up for as long as I can because that 4 month sleep regression I know is #nofun
  • Still sleeping in the crib and loving your room!
  • Most 3 months and 3-6 month clothes now.  I need to go get the next container of clothes for you because now that it's getting cold...we need some new long sleeves and pants.
  • Size 2 diapers - usually we are Pampers people...but have tried Aldi and Huggies.  Aldi was great (and cheap!) but not a fan of huggies
  • Oh man, is cradle cap a milestone??  Well check that off if it is!
  • No full out laughing, but some giggles and they are amazing
  • Started DAYCARE!  Mom went back to work when you were 11 weeks old and you headed to get some loving every day with Miss Marie

Things you like:
  • A great eater - loves to drink that milk any way. 
  • Loves the nap nanny (from Charlie's baby times) that we busted out
  • Bath time!  Getting lotion on after bath....and when I rub your sweet little head
  • You still love Charlie and Maddie and they still love you SO much.  It's the best
  • When someone focuses all their attention on your and talks - you always smile and laugh and make great eye contact
  • Getting carried around - love the baby carrier and don't mind our car seat at all
Things you don't like:
  • Gas is getting better - which is great!
  • You don't like being put down by dad when he's carrying you around.  He just wants to watch a football game with you....but yeah, you don't! Ha!
  • Overall, you're a pretty happy little man

Special memories:
  • Lots more fun this month!!  
  • We went to the Renaissance Festival for a work event for dad ---- right before we had our last experience with indoor soccer.  Which you were always a trooper for...your siblings, not so much!
  • We got to meet baby Logan!
  • Went to Aquinas homecoming BBQ and you had your first experience with the photo booth!
  • You survived a trip to the dentist with your older siblings - ha!
  • Day care - it was bittersweet, but you are doing amazing and we just love Ms Marie.  She's amazing and you love her!
  • Went to the pumpkin patch AND to Jefferson's (in Lawrence) for the first time!
  • Attended the fall festival at church and saw your first fireworks!
  • Had some more fall fun at the neighborhood event!
  • Continued to get loving from all your cousins and grandparents and siblings - you are one loved little man!!!!

A note to our sweet boy:

It's been quite the month and we are still just loving you so much.  It's crazy to think that you're three months old already.  In three more months you'll be SIX months.  AHHHHHH!  It's impossible to imagine our family without your adorableness.  Charlie and Maddie cannot get enough of you and neither can we.  Nighttime is a bit crazy, but you love the one on one time that mom gives you then (dad gets the crazy older kids!).  You're growing so much and while it was so sad to lose our time together (I miss it!), I know you're being well taken care of and picking you up is what I look forward to all day long. Our whole family thrives on a routine, so it's nice to be in one with you finally.

Keep up this adorableness, good sleeping and eating and we will all be happy!!

Your mom (and dad)


Just for fun - here is Charlie and Maddie's three month side by side picture.

Charlie is SO smiley!  I couldn't quite get Mikey to smile in his - however, I did have some crazy helpers trying to get him to smile - and refusing to leave the picture!

Being three months old is exhausting....

Some fun from the last month:

Playing in the bouncer!

Attack of Maddie cakes...

Who is who???

Best smile!

Best big sister...
When you throw up during church...!!!

First day back to work!

Rolling with his people!

Yes this happened!

So handsome!
Three amigos. 

First day to daycare!

Almost everyday...poor Mikey!

Love him!!!

Love this sweet baby boy so much and cannot believe how fast these three months have flown by.  So thankful for him and his personality and sweet kisses!

PS I have YET to post his newborn pictures OR his birth story.  In the works because I will forget all the details soon enough!

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  1. Oh my goodness, seriously Brittany, Mikey is SOOOOO cute!! You are making me want a baby bad with these pics and stats of him! I remember night time being absolutely insane ha ha, and I always felt like we never did enough tummy time.