Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pink Antlers: DIY wooden sign

I posted a while back on a Five on Friday about some DIY signs that I wanted to do - one was a true DIY (that I still have yet to do...) but the other I completed at a workshop at Pink Antlers studio in Park Place (in Leawood by Town Center). 

First of all - look at this completely ADORABLE storefront.  Holy cow - it is seriously the cutest store I've ever seen (I found this pic on their facebook page and now I think I need to go back ASAP!).  It's just as cute on the inside! 

Ok, back to to the actual event that I attended.  It was awesome and hosted by Create Sabetha.  They are two ladies from the hometown of the owners and were awesome. They had everything laid out and ready and were so helpful!!!

I convinced my friend and neighbor Christine to come along and we loved it- besides the fact we are both perfectionists and had a hard time "rolling with" the measurements that didn't have to be perfect!!!

They also encouraged you to BYOB!!  I dropped the ball on this one because I was running all over before and so was Christine but next time I'm bringing a cooler of the Boulevard Orange cranberry radler!

So we had to peel off the letters, put the stencils on contact paper to get it to stick just right.  Then we painted the letters.  Then flip to the other side.  The first side we did was HARD because of lining everything up and learning how to get the contact paper down, but that made the other side way easier!!

When I got home later that night and it had dried-- I pulled off the stencils and wah-lah! Finished product.  Here is a look at the finished results and as I was pulling them off.

Here is the other side!! I love this for fall and all year long.  I'm looking for the perfect spot in my house though...I know there is one!!!

Seriously though- Pink Antlers has so many fun workshops and amazing and fun products in there shop.  If you are in KC- check them out!!  They even have make your own invitations.  These ladies are here to help the uncrafty people like me!!

(PS - this is all my personal review and I was not at all compensated!! I paid for the workshop and loved every dollar that I spent and will do another one too!!)


  1. SO CUTE!!! I've added this place to the list of things we need to see/do when we're home. It looks like the perfect retreat from my sisters-in-law and mother-in-law to escape while we're home for the holidays!

  2. I need to check out this place!! Also, I am interested in attending a workshop if you ever do another!!

  3. How fun is that place!? I want to open a shop like that!

  4. So cute, it turned out great! I need to go check this place out!

  5. Cute!! I keep seeing things about this place...need to get myself over there and check it out! I'm a sucker for a cute local boutique ;) Oh and I'm with Sarah..if you ever want to do another one let me know...I'm totally in!