Monday, October 17, 2016

Soaking in the weekend

Lists, early wake ups, kisses goodbye and hugs hello.  That's what our weekdays look like now that I'm back to work.  It was a pretty amazing 11 weeks off...and while we are all adjusting...going back to work makes the weekends that much sweeter for all of us.

There was a whole lot of this going on.

Which I love!!!  Maddie is a little momma to Mikey. 

We decided indoor soccer wasn't our we made our own outdoor soccer fun Saturday morning.

Pretty sure Jimmy and I had more fun kicking the ball to each other, showing off our "skills" and chasing after Maddie and Charlie trying to get them to dribble than our kids did.

That might have been because a huge playground was tempting them....

It was a gorgeous fall morning and it was so nice to be outside and soaking in the cooler weather (but not too cool!).  My mom and dad came and met us too since one of our favorite parks is right by their house...gotta love some nana and papa park time!  I'm not sure who leaves more exhausted!

When we got home...I busted out the rusty baby gear sitting in the basement for this little guy.  One because let's just say that time hop when your kid's birthdays are all within a few weeks of each other (2 years apart...) it makes for an easy reminder at what stage the other kid was in at this time.  

So when I saw this old picture of Charlie come up from 4 years ago...

Mikey got to have his own fun!!  He did ok and it's hard to believe he's big enough for this already (well kind of- he has a pillow underneath his legs!)

Saturday after naps our older kiddos went over to nana and papa's house for a slumber party.  My mom has been asking and when the kids started saying they were wanting to go - there done and done!!  And Jimmy and I went grocery shopping, out to eat and to Walmart with Mikey.  Relishing in the days when we just had one kid one second and then missing our older two kids like crazy.  Even though it wasn't very glamorous, it reminds me just how great this guy is and thankful for time with him to have some meaningful conversations!

But I did get to eat this delicious blackened shrimp salad which is my new favorite and I'm wondering why I can't whip something like this up of my own.  Looks like 1.5 greens (maybe 2!), one red, 1/2 yellow (corn) and an orange.  (Can you tell I'm trained in beachbody container eating??!)

Sunday morning, little Mikey slept in because he's the #bestbabyever and then we all went out to breakfast.  I went into work for a few hours while Jimmy held down the fort and Maddie napped because #grandparenthangovers are real.  She seriously took a 4 hour nap!!

While the Chiefs played at 3:30, we got ready for that and our neighborhood Halloween/fall party.  

Everyone wears a Jamal Charles jersey under their Elsa dress, right??

Love these girls on the mom's council that I'm lucky enough to call neighbors.  Fun crafts, snacks and candy!!  And super fun games this year too!!

Even better--- fun with friends!! I can imagine these three boys will be up to no good someday!!

We celebrated a beautiful night with dinner on the patio and mini ice cream cones.  And we sat there laughing at Charlie and Maddie and talking with our neighbors.  Wondering how we got so damn lucky.  Seriously, weekends like that are nothing special but everything I need.  Laundry, lists, meal prep, cleaning up--- all baked in there.  But it's all worth it.

Hope you had a great one too!! 


  1. What a fabulous weekend. The weather was awesome here too so we soaked it up. It won't be long and the cold, wet part of Fall will be upon us.

  2. You always have such busy/fun filled weekends! I love the JCharles jersey under the Elsa dress...haha. Oh and kudos to giving up the indoor soccer...I feel like at this age it's supposed to be fun for them...and if it's not then it's totally not worth it!