Friday, February 20, 2009

Official name change announcement

Ok so this has taken much convincing from Jimmy, but I think based on his reasoning in our discussion this afternoon, I'm ready to make it official.

My wonderful weiner dogs, which I first presented to the world on my 2008 Christmas Card as Millie and Willie Bruns, will be changing the spelling of their names to Milly and Willy. I have thought long and hard about this and really wanted to stick to their original owners spelling (based on the shelter and their adoption I guess who really knows?), but Jimmy has convinced me it will be best to make the change official.

Therefore, I want to let everyone know that my little weiners will now have Ys on the end of their names and not -IE. Jimmy thoroughly believes that eventually if Toby and himself and myself and my 2 weiners merge....they will end up feeling left out because the other 3 folks (Jimmy, Brittany, Toby) have names that end in Y. Let me tell you, he feels strongly about this. I'm not sure it's because he really cares or he just had very little to do at work this week....but it has been an ongoing topic of conversation. So I finally caved.

In future communication, you will see their names spelled accordingly. I wanted to make sure there was not confusion or anyone had a doubt that I was a negligent/forgetful parent and just didn't remember. I'll let you know if they show an adverse reactions. It's not likely, but you never know with these crazy weiners.

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