Friday, April 3, 2009

The little things

Now that I have become more accustomed to normal 8-5 workdays and life in Kansas City, I have started to realize that during the day, it's truly the little things that I have learned to appreciate and love. A few examples......

1) Co-workers:
There is this lady that sits on the other side of me who is hilarious and loves her dog just as much as I love Milly and Willy. She also treats her dog like a I do to we get along just great and she always asks me about them and vice versa. The thing I love most about her is when we talk and I answer her usual questions (which are "how are your dogs, how is the house hunt, how is your life?")...right when I answer them she goes "BBBBRITTTTTNNNNEEEYYY...." like really long and drawn out. It's much better if I give you an impression in person, so ask me next time you see me. But it's hilarious, because she doesn't just do it once she seriously says it after like every fifth word I say. I always go back to my desk and just laugh after we her!

2) Stupid people:
However frustrated I might get with some of these people at work, the minute I take a step back realize how stupid some of the questions are that I get and that I seriously spend my time answering, all I can do is laugh. Because in reality, I may think they are stupid questions....but I know that there are several daily instances when I might ask a question or make a comment and someone thinks "Wow is Brittany really that dumb?". Gotta love perception...

3) Stupid things that happen:
Yesterday when I was coming back in from lunch after a wonderful time with an old Deloitte co-worker, I rememebered I had a 12 pack of diet dr. pepper in my trunk that I hadn't taken into my house yet and I wanted to drink one during the afternoon. So I open my trunk and in an attempt to not break a nail by puncturing the cardboard, I used my key to open on the perforated line. HAHA...two seconds later I was getting sprayed in the face with diet dr. pepper in the hallmark parking garage and I couldn't even see out of my sticky glasses. No one was there to witness it, as I quickly just grabbed another one in the 12 pack and took my glasses off, but if the crown center security folks got that on tape, I can only imagine the chuckles the old men would have gotten out of that.

4) Seeing good friends:
I'm headed to Dallas today with Emily to visit Erica, Emily Otto, Heather, and all the others included in the DFU (Dallas Family they refer to themselves). Trips like this make me really excited because they will be filled with looking at engagement rings, trying on bridesmaid dresses, drinking beer and eating Mexican food...and probably conversing in Arabian accents like good old times. In addition, nights with good friends in KC make me smile too. Like when Vanessa pretty much proposed to Emily and I....or at least that was what it felt like...when she asked us to be her bridesmaids!! I can't wait for all the weddings and significant things that are going to happen in the next year of the lives of my friends :) YEAH for good friends, good times, and stupid jokes/stories we share!

5) Finally....Jimmy and Milly and Willy and Toby and my family:
No fail, there is not one day that goes by that old Jimmy or one of the three mutts we might soon share don't do something that make me crack up for 5 minutes straight. I know most of you probably get the pleasure of hearing these stories in person...but one example of Jimmy is just the fact that as we have been going through this whole process of buying a house....consistently from the beginning the one thing that he has been most excited about it WOOD PANELING. I don't think there needs to be any additional comments regarding this- develop your own opinions as you please. :)

Sorry also for the lack of posts- I got intimidated each time I sat down to write because I felt like it had to be long and well thought out. I'm over that now, so enjoy.

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