Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Dancing styles...

One thing Erica and Heather made sure Emily and I experienced this weekend was trying to learn how to dance. We did get a good mix of dancing styles that we could mimic after in the future weddings and clubs in KC (because we frequently go clubbing):

  • This dance style was shown to us by Erica's wonderful friend and co-worker Taren
  • She gets in your face and doesn't care what style you have, she's rockin it
  • These moves are direct and to the beat and do nothing but make you smile
  • Side note: I was truly inspired by this dance style and will be practicing it myself- thank you Taren for your innovation!

2. "I'm freaking cute, look at me, dance with me, but I make weird faces"

  • I have to admit, this is my normal and old dance style (before my recent inspiration)
  • It's the typical girl (most likely drunk) who's trying to be super sexy but innovative at the same time
  • Unfortunately, this mix doesn't always work because guys that are sober enough to watch you and interpret what you are actually doing....often look at you with weird faces

3. "I'm sexy, I'm hot"

  • I don't think this needs any other description other than the one word "grinding"
  • Two word description: Gross and unneccesary

4. "Let me do the weirdest dance moves in the world, everyone will laugh"

  • This is often done by guys...really drunk guys or metro guys (from my experience)
  • While some girls might think it's funny- good thing for Jimmy, I'm not a fan

I'm looking forward to this Friday night when Erica will be in KC and I can show her my moves that I have been practicing. Blonde here we come..............

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