Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I said yes....

Well Jimmy officially impressed me and surprised me and made me an incredibly happy young woman on April 11, 2009. He asked me to marry him....and I said yes. Based on my answer, he could probably guess that he did something right!! Will all the thought, planning, and effort he put into that one afternoon and the engagement after party with all our friends and family (not to mention the last 3 and a half or so years...)---there is no way I could have said no...
Here are 10 reasons why I said yes:

10. He's really like graphic tees and he looks sexy in them

9. His hair is red

8. He loves his dog, Toby, almost as much as me

7. He loves my dogs, Milly and Willy, almost as much as Toby
6. He has a great family and friends- including WONDERFUL nieces and nephews with more to come!

5. He can always make me smile/laugh by saying something ridiculous

4. He tells me when I'm being ridiculous (quite often)

3. He really likes singing country songs and listening to me sing them (yes- this is if I sound good or not)

2. He has the greatest hugs in the whole world that can make any problem go away

1. He understands/puts up with me/loves me like no one else can or ever could :)

Only 5 reasons I contemplated saying "Eh- ask me next weeek":

5. His obsession with P90X

4. This stupid game he insists on playing everytime we are in the car where a song comes on and he says "who sings this?" to me and five milli-seconds later blurts out the answer without giving me time to think

3. He knows what I'm thinking or what I'm going to say so often that sometimes I think he is a warlock or vampire

2. He's obsessed with the Royals, Chiefs, KU, and the point that I'm not sure he will even talk to me when we're married during the month of March and on Saturdays during the fall
1. The first thing he does every morning is wake up and immediately check Jayhawk Slant website and new posts on his Blackberry

In the end though---who wouldn't want to be with that handsome face for the rest of their life?? I can't wait. Doesn't Brittany Carter have a nice ring to it?

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