Tuesday, April 7, 2009

You brought what on a plane!??

So the journey to Dallas, TX began after work on Friday afternoon. Emily Mc met at my parents house around 5:30, grabbed a quick bite to eat, and we were off to the airport. As the former traveling pro per my consultant life style, I do not even think twice about traveling and carrying on my luggage because I have all the little bottles, bags, etc set to carry on. I am always more concerned about my less experienced travel buddies when we go through security.

We get to the airport and make it over to the gate and load all of our bags on the thing to go through security. I loaded my items as follows: shoes/coat, suitcase, purse...then Emily's suitcase was right after my purse. After I got to the other side and was patiently awaiting to pick up my bags....Emily gets next to me and we see the conveyor belt come to a halt, an additional TSA security guard is called over and yells "OH SHIT- who brought a butter knife??" Emily and I hear this and look at each other and she thinks "that's weird- neither of us would have a..." as my words interrupt her thought. I say, "Oh yeah, that's mine. I must have forgot that was in my purse" and laugh. Obviously the TSA man did not think it was too amusing because he calls over another lady to rummage through my purse and I sit there and explain to her how my co-worker was out of town for 4 days and I was just so excited that she was coming back because she could take some of the work off of my shoulders, so I made brownies on Thursday to welcome her back and brought a butter knife to cut them.......I'm not really sure if she wanted all those details, but I wanted to make sure she knew I was telling the truth :)

While the angry man watches over her shoulder, she rummages through my purse. Sunglasses, tampons, nail clippers, nail glue, chap stick, a plastic bag of Tums, Big Red, my wallet, my planner....and FINALLY she gets to the brownie dirtied butter knife. She pulls it out and rubs her finger over the "blade" explaining to him that it's not sharp and she's going to run my bag back through but I'm fine. He on the other hand is not too satisfied, nor does he think it's amusing at all. "You know ma'am this is SERIOUS stuff and if it did have a 4 inch blade, we would have to call the LEW". Obviously I do not know what "lew" means, so I go "Call the WHO?" with a smile on my face. As his face gets red, he yells "THE POLICE". I quickly get the picture and grab my stuff and walk towards our gate. Then as we are about 3 steps away, another TSA guy yells "Who's butter knife is this??!!" while holding up the entire plastic container with the brownie dirty butter knife in it. After 3/4 of the people in the terminal turns to stare, I say "um that's mine but I didn't think I could take it on the plane." TSA guy: "Oh no, you can. I'm sure you'll want it with your set." Um....OK whatever. So then I proceed to stick the butter knife back in my purse in a hurry and grab a seat.

Emily throughout this entire process is just hyterically laughing at me, telling me how stupid I am, how weird it is that I have a butter knife in my purse, and reminding me how I was the travel "expert" and she was offended that I thought it was her. Yeah I get it. But it was hysterical...now the big question is........did I remember that it was in my purse before I tried to get back on the plane on the way home to KC on Sunday??? I don't think I coudl ever forget it with Emily telling Erica and Heather all about it the second we got home. It's new home is now at Erica's house in Dallas. I will hopefully see it again someday. Maybe we should try to test the postal system and mail it!??? Or maybe not...

So that is the story before we got on the plane. Once we got on the plane, half way through the flight and our beers, a guy behind us passes us a note. It's from these idiots behind him and it says "Are you from KC?". So we pass it back and forth- one time I tried to pass it through the flight attendant guy, but he did not think it was funny at all. Neither did we after like 3 times, so Emily wrote back to them in Spanish and they said "WTF". End of story. We are so nice :)

Our trips together will never get old......................thanks for a great travel experience girlfriend.

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