Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Random thoughts on a Tuesday

Promise this is the last post of the day :) But I did say in the "Little things" post that I would update more often and I'm trying to really remember the things that I think would be great on a blog. So here are a few things that went through my mind today....

5:07AM Thoughts: Milly and Willy and I are up and about going outside for the morning pee. Now usually, there are no other humans outside (well a few homeless people, but they are harmless) with their dogs. Every once and a while, a pretty old woman- at least 85- and her older cocker spaniel are outside. I'm sure she is a very nice person, but she drives me crazy when I run into her in the morning. A) because it's 5:00 in the morning and what doesn't drive you crazy? and B) she always tries to "train" my dogs. Willy and Milly like to bark- they are dogs, so I mean that's what they do. Apparently, she thinks that they are going to kill her dog in a wiener dog attack...but she doesn't use the common "I live in a condo with 15 sq ft of grass and own a dog with about 100 other people" etiquette. That means that you know your dogs are territorial and if you see someone with a dog, you wait until they are inside or if you are both outside you go to the other way to pee/poop. Instead, she stands and holds the door open with her dog sitting there expecting you to be gracious that she held the door open and thinking that my angel dogs are going to just mosey on through without a peep. Of course that is not the case and they bark and bark and she always says in a mean condescending voice "DOWN BOY DOWN" to my dogs. EHHHH- that's like the equivalent of spanking another person's kids in my books, which is not ok.

After that incident I start thinking, why does she even live here?? What older person would want to live in a condo complex full of 20-30 somethings?? Then my mind wakes up and starts pumping. Jimmy and I put an offer on a house yesterday that is owned by an older woman, but she doesn't live there anymore and currently lives in Missouri. I know her name, but no other details. But my realtor did say "Maybe she just wanted to downsize and get something maintenance free". BOOM- it hits me. What are the chances that we could potentially be buying 5AM old lady dog owner that I encounter 2-3 times a week??? That would be creepy and weird, but funny. So I run upstairs and get on the forum that my condo has to try to sort through all the user names that are on the website thinking that I'll see her last name somewhere. No luck. And then I realize....she's like 85 and I'm sure that the online forum in my building is probably one of the amenities she is not taking advantage of. I'm pretty sure it's not the same person- but you never know.

10:29AM Bathroom thoughts: As I am walking to and from the bathroom at work today, I start thinking about how bad I need to do laundry and how I don't like wearing skirts to work but I had to today because I had no clean dress pants. Then my mind starts to think about the skirt I'm wearing because I feel like I've had it for a really long time. So I start thinking really hard as to the time in my life when I would buy a stretchy pencil black skirt---because for some reason I just felt like when I bought it, I did so thinking "I just have to buy this right now because I NEED it and don't care how much it costs". But I couldn't remember when that was and why!! It was driving me crazy.

So about 3 columns away from my office on my stroll back from the bathroom it hits me like a ton of bricks. I bought the skirt in 8th grade right before a choir show because we had to wear a black skirt and white shirt and I didn't have a black skirt- but of course didn't realize that until like 2 hours before the concert. I tell my mom we have to go to the store to buy a skirt. Of course she got mad at me and said "Brittany why didn't you think of this before tonight?". I didn't say this, but my answer today would be "Because I was 13 and you don't plan when you're 13...". Apparently this whole incident had a significant impact on my life because I tend to plan a little too much 10 years later....... :) Love you Barb! Anyways, so we rushed to Old Navy and bought this regular black skirt- not on sale- and I wore it to the concert. This skirt has traveled with me through high school, to Manhattan for college, to Oklahoma when I worked at ConocoPhillips, maybe to one of the cities that I worked in while I was at Deloitte (I rarely wore skirts to work though because flying in them sucks), and now at Hallmark. All I could think was a sense of nostalgia thinking that I was wearing this great skirt that had been around for 10 years and it somehow still fits! Let me emphasize again that it is incredibly stretchy and is a little tight- but no one noticed and like I said, I was desperate this morning.

I also called my mom during lunch to ask her if she remembered the incident. At first she claimed she didn't, but then she said she did. Not sure if she really did, but I think it's hilarious and had a great rest of the day remembering the good old days in Mrs. Goodin's choir class and all the years in between then and now. Now the big question is, do I do my best thinking on my walks to and from the bathroom????

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  1. I love this story!!! I can't believe that it was 10 years ago, how scary is that!! Was that you that drove my car around that neighborhood in western shawnee while I visited the boys from the pool and then we went over to Mrs. Goodin house when she wasn't home? Do you remember that?