Friday, April 2, 2010

Welp, CostCo says it's official

Last night we had to stop by CostCo to get some turf builder stuff because Jimmy is apparently starting the "lawn treatment" on Saturday. And we ordered some cakes for our wedding (don't judge- you get a delicious Sundae bar to go along with it) that Jimmy will be picking up on Friday. So I figured, why not just add him to my membership account so he has a CostCo card of his own and he can go there without me.

So we went to the membership desk after we paid (and of course had like 3 things in our cart that we didn't intend to buy, that's CostCo for you) to get him a card. I mentioned to the guy that we were getting married in a week and asked him what I would need to do to get my name changed on my card (more wedding word vomit)and he said he could just do it then. So he did. And this is what I walked out of the store with:

I have officially forfeited my maiden name in terms of my CostCo card. It was CRAZY. I keep looking at it like "WHOA that's going to be my name, seriously?". But like Jimmy's mom said...she has had her married last name longer than she had her maiden name, so once we are married for a while, I won't even know the difference. True.

One name change down, 17,000 more name changes to go....

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  1. Oh that's sooo exciting!! We just got our membership a few weeks ago on the same account. :)