Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Wedding Teaser Post

Ok, so now that I'm officially off work until April 19...the real focus can begin. Tonight was filled with wrapping up last minute projects...tomorrow lots of errands on the agenda and then Friday the fun officially begins with a trip to the salon with the wonderful bridesmaids :)

But, since I'm officially allowed to now completely focus on the wedding (with no work priorities), I am getting REALLY excited. I can't believe all these projects that I have had written down as "to-dos" are actually now done and ready to go. It's crazy. I remember MONTHS ago I wrote down all these things I wanted to accomplish before the big day and I literally thought it was impossible. But with planning, lots of trips to Michaels/JoAnns/Target/etc and some help from friends and family...they are done!! Now, I leave you with what I like to call wedding those of you that will be attendance....can see what you have to look forward to and those of you that cannot can get a preview of the posts to come!!

You might find this DIY candle at the ceremony...

If you are a kid (or have kids) you should be excited for this fun little distraction....

You will find one of these at your table....

You will probably see a few of these pictures. Maybe even with these hats. And other really cool things that will allow you to bring out your inner weird :)

You might find them at the reception. I'm just saying. No promises....but you never know...

..along with some other fun life size objects that give you insight into our relationship

You might find a very small dog in a very cute outfit. Complete with a veil of course.

If you are from out of town and staying at the hotel we blocked might be drinking out of one of these (I really like these)

And some of THIS to give you things to snack on in your hotel room :)

This last year has been a whole new world to me, since I had never really ever thought of what the wedding of my dreams looked like. But I have to say, with all this fun stuff coming together...this might just be a dream come true!!!!

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