Monday, April 19, 2010

We're married: realization #1 & 2

Ok, so we are married (survived the day and loved every minute of it), we survived Mexico (despite the downpour on the small boat during our jungle tour) and made it back to KC in one piece...with Jimmy one year older :) (His birthday was Saturday).

While I have LOTS to post and talk about, just a few things for now:

1) Last night Jimmy "moved" over (aka brought his clothes) and I gave him 1/3 of the the closet. This morning I was getting dressed for work and staring aimlessly into my clothes....then I turned right and saw boys clothes. I said to myself "oh my gosh, I live with a boy. I'm married now" WOW!!

2) Photographers posted pictures on their BLOG!! YEAH!! Thanks Molly to helping me notice it :) So excited to see more!!!

Here are a few of my favorites!! Courtesy of Henderson Photography of course!

That's all for now :)


  1. The pictures are awesome!! You were such a gorgeous bride! My brother and SIL and their bridal party took pictures at the same place! :)

  2. love the photos!! you guys had the most perfect weather and you look so so happy. congratulations!!