Monday, December 6, 2010

Merry Christmas Cards!

So now that you have had a tour of our house in full Christmas swing, wanted to wish those of you on the blog world a very merry Christmas and holiday season :) Now that all of our Christmas cards have reached their final destinations, I can share our 2010 card with the blog world!!
Front and back...

Now to give a shameless plug to Hallmark which is where I ordered these from. I cannot even tell you how in love I am with this website; in particular, the personalized greeting cards and the great service they offer by mailing them for you. It was SOOOO easy to send our Christmas cards this year and it was all over with in about 15 minutes total...yep, designed, ordered AND sent out. After I had picked out my design, the pictures and added some modifications to the already nice wording, done. I actually made them the first week in November, right after we got back from Baltimore/DC and just set them to ship the first week of December. Plus I ordered a few extra for myself because I knew I didn't have all my addresses loaded into the website!
There you have simple holiday card solution that turned out great (if I may say so myself) with minimal effort thanks to the luxuries of the Internet! However, I will note that when I log onto my hallmark online account now and try to preview my card, for some reason the image below comes up, which means 2 of the pictures will not load and somehow someone's child randomly ended up on our card. We know it's not ours with that blond hair and blue eyes, but he's pretty darn cute. However, it's kind of freaking me out......

We have already gotten a few super cute holiday cards with some pictures of our nieces and nephews and are loving them- I have a great place to display them, so hopefully they will keep hitting our mail box! With that said, wishing you and your family a very happy holiday season!!!!


  1. You card was really cute! Got it in the mail last week :) Not sure if we are going to send one out this year.... we are super busy creating Hallmark's competition! (haha.. jk).

  2. hahah that's really funny of the little baby. Super cute cards!!

  3. that is so hilarious about the baby! what if your kid actually looks like that and it's a sign from god? card is adorable, and i definitely agree that hallmark has the best design options, i just had to go with walgreens' because i had a coupon, so way cheaper. next year when i have a job i'll splurge!