Thursday, December 30, 2010

EMC, CK and AK turn 26!

That's my friend Emily :) She turned 26 yesterday. And I really like her. The weirdest part about her bday and the twins (more below) is that we all aren't together! Usually, every year there would be a party or a planned night out for their birthday because it was always over winter break when we were in college and no one had full time jobs. Funny how things change, right? Winter break doesn't exist and those pesky jobs. And this year, I was in Florida for their birthday, so I couldn't even see them in person to wish them a happy year!! But so goes life I guess, I do hope they all got my cards though and that gave them a little smile!

Anyways, that picture is typical Emily. After meeting in the dorms freshman year and immediately hitting it off, Emily and I stayed bff's all through college and lived together 3 times after that. Well, she now lives with her hunky boyfriend Jeff and I live with Jimmy...but I think we secretly miss those time when we lived together because everyone knows girls rule and boys drool. Haha, I'm so mature. Here is another shot of her on our date in STL. Pretty sure this was for the TSwift concert. Duh. We love TSwift.

And here is her hunky bf, Jeff. He's a pretty great guy. Likes wiener dogs, cooks, cleans and likes to have a good time. What more can you ask for? :) Aren't they cute?!

And just for old times sake and to remember how fun we once were- here we are at a date party senior year of college. Em, cheers to many more wonderful birthdays and some more costume parties in 2011!!

Next up, yep Courtney and Ashley (yep, they both have pretty sweet blogs- check them out!!!). Guess what, they are twins and Dec 29 is there birthday too! Ah, what a coincidence :) But they are a great pair of girls that I've been lucky enough to have in my life. Jimmy was actually friends with them first through high school, but I think we are equal friends with them now since we were all Pi Phis together. They both lead pretty sweet lives :) Courtney is about to finish med school and going to get married in May in Mexico to Brian, a great guy and fellow med school student! Then you have Ashley who always wanted to move to LA and work in the movie/entertainment industry when we were in college. Well, guess what? She did just that and four years later is still loving it and is very successful! We are going to try to make a trip to visit her in LA this year! SO fun!! Love them both and wish them a very happy birthday- can't wait for all the fun times 2011 will bring!!

Awesome picture of them at Lora's wedding in October!

This picture is of them in FLorida when they went to go see Brian and their brother run an Ironman race. Holy cow!!