Wednesday, December 1, 2010

An ode to my Kindle...

For my 25th birthday, that was back in August, Jimmy and my parents got me a Kindle. It was one of those things that I really thought I would like, but wasn't 100% sure I'd be in love. But you know, something you might not buy for yourself, but would love as a gift.

So I tried it. I stopped using the library and putting my name on waiting lists, making numerous trips to get my books on hold; the only downside, those were free...I stopped buying books at the store; which those were a bit more expensive. And I started downloading my books. So 21st century :)

Well my friends, here I am, four months later and I'm madly in love. It's crazy how hard I've fallen for an electronic device. I will share with you the reasons this has occurred:

Convenience: this one really takes the cake on all the reasons why I love this. For example, say it's 7AM in the morning before I'm heading towards the bus...and wait...I finished my book last night--oh no! But never fear, as I'm standing my kitchen and pouring my coffee...I can search and even see Kindle's recommendations for books I would like, find it and DONE. It downloads super fast and I run out the door. No need to carry extra books, build drive time into my schedule...because I have a book.

Size: I carry this with me almost everywhere. Why? Because I'm impatient and it drives me crazy when I'm not doing something "efficient" or productive at all times. Oh, my hair stylist needs me to sit around with hair dye while she cuts someone else's need to catch up on gossip magazines, I will just pull my Kindle out and get right back into my book. Oh, the doctor/dentist is running late again and I'm stuck in the waiting room, no problem or need to read the silly magazines they provide- I'll just ready my book---why? Because I can easily just whip it out of my purse :)

Efficient: I think I covered that when I described no need for trips to the library, stalking the waiting list or heading to the book store. Done in my PJs, on the bus, in my bed, in the car--wherever you can get wireless internet. Awesome. I love efficiency.

Ok, so there you have it. The reasons I'm in love. It's just so perfect. And better yet, most all the books (even NY times best sellers) are way cheaper than an actual book because, well, you don't have the actual book- just the words. And I have also found some decent books for free!

Now there is one downside- it costs $$ every time you get a book (shocker...I know...haha...but they have to make $$ someway, right?). However, here's what I realized that is completely relevant to me and maybe not anyone else. Not leaving my house and running another errand that leads me to a Target or CostCo actually has saved us money! Because I just don't go there are less unnecessary expenses from buying stuff along the way to get a book. Even Jimmy said "I'd rather see Amazon charges than Target, CostCo, Wal-Mart, CVS....etc". So there you have husband loves it too!

With that said, do you have a Kindle and love it? I know my friend Jennie does because we have already talked about our obsession :) If not, is it on your Christmas list???

PS Thanks to Jimmy and my mom for a GREAT present!!


  1. It is definitely on my Christmas list and I really hope I get one! I think it will help cut down on our clutter since I won't have 5 books laying around all the time :)

  2. Everyone says I should get one because I am a reader.... but I am just stuck on the library = free book thing!! But maybe you should get into sales, because you may have sold me on one :)