Friday, December 3, 2010

Oh the memories

Question: What do these two things have in common?
1. Black file cabinet
2. Random shoe box

Answer: Actually more than you probably think. When Jimmy moved all of his stuff in to our house after we got married, one of the things that he brought with him was a big shoe box. He put it right in the closet in the office and I didn't think twice about it. Until about 2 weeks ago when I happened to ask him about it. He got it out and started talking about how he has everything that I have given him/we have done from the very start of our relationship. I honestly didn't believe him because that's something that only girls do right? I mean I have a file in the file cabinet that says "Jimmy stuff" with all kind of tickets, cards, little notes that came with flowers, etc from these past 5 years. So he got it out. I pulled out my folder. And we started looking through all of our "stuff". All the tickets from Royals games, Chiefs games, airline tickets from vacations we went on together, concerts, even movies we went to together. One of my favorites in his box was his "shot book" that I made him after we had been dating for 21 months. Since he is way older than me and was already 21 when we met, he missed out on a shot book. And I think everyone knows how important a shot book is- haha, JK. So for his birthday I made him a book of our first 21 months. It was awesome. Even today I still love looking through it!!

However, I'm not sure if anything will top his birthday present for his 22nd birthday. For those of you who don't know what that present was...I made him a life size cut out of myself. Haha, yes it's rather odd...but so "us". I should have known if that didn't scare him away after only 6 months of dating that he was a keeper. But apparently it didn't last, so it did not make it through his move after his senior year of college. Bummer. It would have been cool to have at our wedding. Oh wait...we still had life size cut outs there :) Love them!

Anyways...keeping with the theme of the post, it was so funny when we were going through our individual keepsakes when we found one of each. For example, we each had our own movie ticket from a movie we saw in September of 2006. It's hilarious and sweet to me that we both felt the need to keep them. Not sure why we did, but it makes me smile.

Here was what I gave him for our first Valentine's Day. Pretty sure it was one of those "oh crap, it's v-day already?" gifts because I didn't think in advance what I should get him, but really it just gave us different names and told the story of how we met and our "future" that I was predicting just months in. He should have known after this that a life size cut out was next in line for a present...

And here is probably the one (and ONLY) planner Jimmy has ever had. In that sense, we are complete opposites because I'm obsessed with my planner. Actually, my favorite time of year is getting to go to the Vera Bradley store to buy my new planner and transferring all the birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Its sick and weird, but I love it. Anyways, in college he didn't have a planner and would show up in Manhattan saying things like "I think I have a test on Monday, not sure. Maybe it's a quiz?". It drove me NUTS. So I bought him a cheap planner and decorated it for him. He used it. Funny because we just got in a huge fight yesterday because he STILL doesn't understand the concepts of the 17 planners/calendars I have for us. Guess some things never change, right? But he liked it enough to keep this one...

And WOW----can you believe I found THESE in the box? These are from my 20th birthday party. Cannot believe he still has those! 2010...

And from 2005....we look like little kids! So funny!

So here it all is. Our memories. Our relationship in a box and a file cabinet. I had no idea that Jimmy kept all these things....I guess that means he really likes me :) Which is good because I really like him too!

One hilarious thing about all the cards I read that I had given to him over the years was that almost EVERY single card- no matter what it was for, birthday, anniversary, just because, congrats, thank you- had some mention of these hypothetical wiener dogs we were going to have someday named Tina and Tony. I'm not even kidding. I'm a FREAK! I cannot believe this guy married me :) But I guess I have a knack for predicting the future...while their names are not Tina and Tony (yes, I do tend to call them that), he does have to deal with 2 cute wiener dogs, Milly and Willy.

What a fun night it was sitting there looking over our life together and all the ups and downs, good times and bad. Once all the memorabilia went back into it's respective place, all I could do was sit there and stare at my husband looking forward to all the memories we are going to make in the next 50+ years...


  1. Haha too funny! I wonder if we have the movie stubs of where it all started!... "Must love dogs" the first time hanging out.

  2. So cute!! You are wayyyyy cuter than Adam and I