Friday, December 10, 2010

Personalized Gift Idea!

THIS article from USA Today sums up why I think this post is so relevant! Customized gifts seem to be the popular trend this holiday season-- so if you are looking for a good idea to personalize and give to family and friends- keep reading!
In addition to that, I realized last week there was something from my wedding I never shared on my blog. After the wedding, the thank you notes, getting the pictures and wedding DVD back....the next step is the albums/keepsakes for the pictures. We decided not to go through our photographer to get an album since we had all the rights to the images ourselves, so it was off to find my final DIY item for our big day. I researched and researched photo websites trying to find the one I liked best and landed on Picaboo. It is easy to use, gives you some great tips and examples and is a great price- and best yet they always have a discount/deal going on.
So right after our wedding, I let my mother in law and mom pick out their favorite pictures from our wedding and made them into a book for each of them. It was really because I knew they both wanted to go to work and show them all the pictures of their son/daughter's wedding and that just made it easy and quick and it was a good quality book. It was also kind of as a "thank you" to both of them for all the time, effort, and money they put into making our wedding day truly perfect!! I quickly got myself up to speed, loaded in their favorite pictures (very fast) and assembled them into a personal book. The deal that was going on when I ordered my mom's (which is below) was buy on get one free of the same book- so I got a copy too. And since 8 months later (AH- 8 months today, happy 8 month Jimmy!)...I still haven't finished the fancy wedding book, this is the best I have so far.
There was a deal going on in November to get 40% off a Classic book (which is the style I have pictures of below), so I made and ordered one documenting our honeymoon adventures. I love it too! It is just such a fun and personal way to get the photos that live in the digital world on your computer to be something tangible for people visiting your house to pick up off of the coffee table and look through. AND you can keep these books forever and I'm guessing some day our future kids will look through them and think "wow! what happened to our parents that made them turn so un-cool" haha.
Take a look at the 2 books I have made below and be thinking if there is anyone out there you'd like to give a personalized photo book (or calendar) too for the holidays! They have a great special going on right now-- save 30% on all Classic Book or Calendar Orders through 12/30, use code HOLIDAY30 when checking out.

Here is a summary of the 2 books I of some wedding pictures and another of our honeymoon. The front covers:

First can pick any background you want that they have, but as you can see from my honeymoon album, I took full advantage of all my "scenery" shots and made those the background!
Wedding: getting ready; Honeymoon: our arrival

Wedding: Before and the ceremony; Honeymoon: our jungle adventure

Wedding: Group pics/individuals; Honeymooon: our random photo shoot and circus show
Wedding: Portraits; Honeymoon: Mexican food night
Wedding: Trolley and reception; Honeymoon: arrival back to KC
Back of the books!
So there you have it. Hopefully you can see the quality of the pictures and the book. I am more than satisfied and for a great price :) Maybe there are some personalized books you will be giving this holiday!!

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  1. Hey Brittany! I wanted to tell you that I ordered one of these for my Grandma just yesterday for Christmas. Thank you so much for posting about this! I have created books on Shutterfly and Blurb in the past, but Picaboo was way easier and had a TON of variety. Thanks!!