Friday, April 8, 2011

Adult chore chart

Does anyone have one of these? Here's my issue. I like to keep my house clean. Er - really tidy more so, but also clean. But it's more the I-only-clean-when-I-notice-things-are-so-gross-I-cannot-handle-my-life or people-are-coming-over-I-don't-want-them-to-think-I-am-super-gross cleaning. But here's the deal and the reality of the situation. I am well aware that if I actually did "CLEAN" on a regular basis (CLEAN = pick up whatever cleaning product and the paper towel or brush or cloth and scrub until it's truly clean), it would make my life a lot easier. Just like your mom always taught you, right? Oh those moms- they are so smart. Why is that it takes me this long to actually realize any of those lessons she tried to teach me. Guess it's just a good thing I eventually "get it". Well mom, I get it be proud.
Which is why I'm seriously contemplating making myself (and Jimmy - oh no, don't worry, I'm not leaving him out of this fun!) an adult chore chart...minus the gold stickers. Well, actually, I take that back. I kind of think I deserve stickers. But the colored variety pack - blue, gold, red and know the ones. I feel like I see on facebook people doing their "regular cleaning" or "getting the house chores done" and I, I should have a schedule like that. And I think we all know that I like a schedule. Really I just thrive off lists/tasks being written down and then get a thrill out of the SWOOSH. (the swoosh was supposed to give you an idea of the sound of a pen/marker/pencil swiftly moving of the paper and crossing one thing after another off the list) I love SWOOSHes.
My question is - how do I start? Like - vacuum Sunday, dust Monday, toilets Tuesday...and the list goes on - I mean I'm just not sure. So blogger friends, I need you. How do you clean your house and keep it up? I mean I have been to some of your houses and they are all clean (like the real clean). I need help! Scheduling lovers unite! Tell me your secrets, your strategies, your gameplan. I appreciate it in advance.
PS While I'm contemplating making a chore chart, probably not going to be something I hang up....however, it would be pretty funny :)


  1. We usually have a cleaning day once a week. Typically Saturday morning, but it just depends on what is going on that week. I agree it would be easier if you did one thing each day. But, with Franklin's dog hair, I don't think I could clean our floors without vacuuming the couches, his bed, and then dusting because it just gets EVERYWHERE. So, I clean once a week and try really hard to clean our floors at least twice a week to keep up with his shedding. It's so gross. I don't want to think about it right now because we really need a good clean around here. Bleh.

    Also, to make this an even longer comment, I'm so excited about your new camera! Email me - can't wait to discuss!


  2. Hi I just randomly stumbled on this blog post when I was looking for suggestions on splitting up chores between my husband and I. The first paragraph of this post is so me. And it reminded me of I think she has some great concepts for example every night I swish and swipe which means I swish the toilet with the brush and swipe the the seat (then once a week, or in some cases as needed, I do I real toilet seat ) This has really helped but obviously I still need help in other areas because this morning MY HUSBAND suggest we think of a chore chart system so he can help me keep up with the house work and the kids etc!