Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pictures of the dogs - 16 of them

Ok so, I'm going to show you some fun I have been having with my new camera - taking pictures of our babies aka our dogs.  They have ever so willingly been great models for me.  Here are some of my I continue to learn how to use this fancy camera!!

Willy - love this picture of him :)  So sophisticated!

This was around our anniversary because the cherry blossom tree had just lost all of it's petals.  Look at ALL of them.  Toby was checking out the backyard as the resident "protector".

And here is some pictures I took in the "sports" view and it went really fast catching Milly in action with the ball.  She looks so little in these!!

And if you have a dog and they like to roll in bird poop or other weird substances in the backyard for fun - you will appreciate these pictures.  One by one watching her roll around in something gross and smelly - but she was loving every minute of it.

Now it's time for the bedroom photo shoot.  These dogs love our bed.  They sleep in it every night with us.  We are trying to change that because they wake us up more than new borns do (at least once a night - sometimes twice and always up at 5AM...about 13 minutes before my alarm goes off every morning - so I'm always thrilled about that).  I tried to do it this week - put them in the kennel at night.  I just couldn't.  I will do it soon.  I will.

On a happier note, here they are loving the big bed.  With the guest room comforter because Willy decided to throw up on our nice one and it was at the dry cleaners :)  Even after all that passive aggressive complaining I just did - I still love them!

Milly and her dad.  Jimmy looks cute - I love a gray under shirt!




"Mom - leave us alone!  We are trying to take a nap!!"


And Toby - just chilling.


That's all.  Trust me, I have lots more :)  But was just admiring the pups pictures and wanted to share!

I'm on the count down to Mexico this week, so nothing can get me down.  With the beautiful weather in KC and a wonderful trip with friends on the horizon - I'm all smiles!! 


  1. Awe!! What cuties. I have a female doxie that looks JUST like Willy... except, well... without the willy. lol

  2. I'm so glad someone else lets their dog(s) sleep with them. You are brave with 3. Except I'm sure Margo is up and down as much as 3 combined. :)