Saturday, November 19, 2011

In college...

Does anyone else know that Pat Green song, "College"?  Well for some reason - early this Saturday morning as I am up to kick off the weekend with a grad school group meeting at 9AM...that song is sounding in my head.  I LOVE that song.  Really I just love Pat Green a lot, but that song too!

Anyway - the events that went down this Thursday night are a continual reminder of getting older aka a little more responsible.  So I got off work a little after 5, drove home, changed, ate dinner really fast and then around 6:15 headed down to UMKC, which is where I'm getting my MBA part time in the evening at (about 15/20 min away), for my 7PM class.  I was talking on my phone to Vanessa on my way to class and when I got to campus, it was strangely dark.  Like no street lights...really no lights anywhere. Which made me feel great as I pulled into the super dark parking lot (mind you that there are campus emails that go out on a regular basis about someone getting robbed and students need to take precaution).  Luckily, Vanessa said she would not get off the phone with me in case I got robbed.

So when I finally get up to the law buiding, which is where my class is, all the lights are still off.  There are a few emergency lights on in the building and I weigh my options:

1) Stand outside the building in the cold
2) Go inside the creepily lit building and find other people in my class
3) Go home

Well, number 3 would be nice, however, with a homework assignment due and needing to meet with my group - I opted for a responsible adult, right?

We sat there in the semi-dark (me and like 5 other people) until a little after 7PM when our professor came in and said he doesn't know what the deal is, but we obviously cannot have class, so everyone can go home and turn our homework in after Thanksgiving. SWEET!  Class is canceled?  3 hours of my time freed up!!  I'm thinking - what will I do with all this FUN!?

My group decided we would part our separate ways and go work on our individual items as part of the project.  Then my sister in law Hillary calls on my way home and says that our husbands (Jimmy and Bobby) are going to the Blue Moose tonight and if I was going to go.  I explain to her how exciting it is that class was canceled - you know, like a college kid that gets a night class canceled ON A THURSDAY and immediately wants to run to Aggieville to meet their friends.  Who wouldn't?

Well - even with that temptation in place, I knew with how busy I was and the lack of time I have to work on the project anyway - I had to go home and work.  What a freaking bummer.  And I felt like a loser adult when I told Hillary I was going to be lame and sit at home and finish up my part of the project.  Well I guess it's a loser adult that is kind of responsible.  Still.  Not cool at all.  But that's life now, right?  AHHH!!!!

I'm wondering what happened to the fun Brittany 6 years ago that would have jumped at the chance when class was canceled to go grab drinks at Porter's Blue Moose.  Jeez.  We are getting old and I think I'm in denial about it.

However - I will continue to live those days through the Pat Green song, College, forever and always.  And I will always attempt to remember what it was like to make those fun decisions and make sure I actually act on them every once and a while, right?  So enjoy this and "George's Bar" or whatever your favorite place to meet friends was/is....

Oh college.....happy weekend to all!!!!

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