Sunday, November 6, 2011

So thankful

Now I know this is November and the month that the wonderful holiday of Thanksgiving occurs which really starts people thinking about everything they are thankful for.  I would attempt to post something I'm thankful for everyday but the reality is (a) I usually never have time to blog everyday - ever.  If I post 2 or 3 days in a row that usually means that I wrote all those posts in one setting and just set them to post on different days to trick you... or (b) I would never even cover in 30 days all the things that I'm thankful for.

However, I will tell you that I'm blogging right now about all the things I'm thankful for as this wonderful, amazing, so-needed weekend is about to come to an end.  I think I list will do on this one.

I'm thankful that ~

~ I got to spend time 3 HOURS with 2 of my best friends from when I was just a little kid on Friday night (Katie and Lauren).  Drinking wine, eating food and most importantly, catching up and having oh-so-real conversations that you just need to have with your best friends that will always listen, never judge, tell you like it is and love you no matter what.  So thankful for best friends ~

~ I got to SLEEP IN until 10AM - yep, you read that right - 10AM on Saturday morning (of course minus the 5AM dog wake up and feeding, but hey, that's life).  I honestly do not remember the last time we got to sleep in with nothing to do, nothing planned or no where to be on a Saturday morning.  It was heavenly to catch up on sleep and have some Saturday morning snuggle time with the husband and 3 pups.  So thankful for rest and relaxation - even in small doses ~

~I got to have lunch with Emily and celebrate the news that she and her fiance Jeff are going to welcome a little baby BOY (Jackson Dale) into the world this March!!  I loved picking out a onesie for him that says "My middle name is handsome" and looking at the adorable baby Gap clothes that they bought right after they found out it was a boy.  Such a blessing for both of them and can't wait for his arrival.  It also helped that there was again, those much needed friend conversations, lots of laughter and at the heart of it all - a throw back to the college days.  BWW (aka Buffalo Wild Wings).  Now a Saturday lunch couldn't get any better - wait yes it could!!  If only Vanessa would have been there and hadn't gotten so sick last week and had to stay in Houston.  I think we talked for 10 minutes about how sad we were that she couldn't make it back to KC that weekend.  I know she was beyond sad, but we missed her still at lunch and pretty much everyday because I wish she lived 6 blocks from me again!  So thankful for best friends and wonderful life events ~

~ I got to spend Saturday night with some great friends from work to celebrate a baby that will arrive for my co-worker and his wife in February!  Great to hang out with some great work folks and meet some new people.  While I was there, Jimmy was holding up our original commitment that evening at the St. Joe yearly auction to raise money for the school.   His mom is the principal there and we usually go every year, but since this baby shower came up, we had to split time.  I was so sad to miss out, but I know Jimmy had a great time with his family and Mike was a great stand in thankful for new friends and new family ~

~ Sunday.  Wow.  I'm pretty sure it has been the most fabulous Sunday in a long time.  Up at 7AM, breakfast with Jimmy at FirstWatch (the Bacado omelet and coffee....yep, could get used to that everyday), and topped it off with an amazing church service and sermon on the key to happiness - yep I took notes.  Then Jimmy became my "personal trainer" and we lifted  weights together.  So hilarious but fun - especially when he commented that he has "nice shoulders" that he's never seen before.  Then a day of picking up leaves (Jimmy) and cooking, laundry and homework (me).  Topped off with delicious potato soup and watching Bridesmaids.  So thankful for a peaceful day ~

Most of all in this post, I thankful for my husband.  This weekend was exactly what I needed after a not-so-great week.  What I most needed and am most thankful for?  After I had my breakdown - literal breakdown - on Saturday afternoon, Jimmy listened to me, said nice things to make me feel better and guess what else?  He signed us up for dance lessons - starting tomorrow night!  Haha, well see how that goes.  

Overall?  So thankful.  Very blessed.  Excited for all the fun things to come!  Hope you had a great weekend!!!


  1. This post makes me happy and sad--so wish I could've been there with you guys on Saturday! But you're right, just a month away from you being down here. Oh and I forgot to tell you, Chris and I started country dance lessons a couple weeks ago…the 4 of us are going to have to go out dancing over Christmas! haha

  2. Such a great post!! 1) we just watched bridesmaids too and 2) I want to take some dance lessons! Sounds so fun :)