Monday, November 21, 2011

Fall week night date

As it seems the weekend nights fill up fast, Jimmy and I have been trying our best to make time for week night dates if we can.  Since I'm in class on Thursday nights - we have 3 nights to work with.  A couple weeks ago on a Monday morning, I got an email from my VP saying that she had some tickets that she and her family weren't using to the KU men's basketball game that next night, first come, first serve.  Knowing that there is never ever a time when Jimmy would not be up for attending a KU basketball game (or KU event for that matter), I jumped on it for a nice week night date!

So when Tuesday rolled around - we made a whole date out of it.  My mom was nice enough to go let our dogs out and feed them so we could both leave right from work and we were off to Lawrence.  Now...I went to K-State, love Manhattan a lot....but I have to admit that I do really like Lawrence.  It's a  pretty neat town.   What do I like most about Lawrence...Jefferson's!  I have blogged about it before (herehere, here and here - wow that's a lot of mentions for a restaurant...ehhh).  Of course we made a dinner out of it before going to the game.  Fried pickles + Wings = always a good time.

We got to Allen Fieldhouse right about the start of the game and were able to get right to our seats.  Even for an exhibition game, it was pretty packed!

Jimmy made me take this one....

We did spot the mascot in the student section a few times.  The little girl sitting next to us - LOVED the mascot, which was pretty cute!

The standard couple pic.  Gotta have it.  You know, so I can look back and this and say "Oh remember we were ACTUALLY there...."

Some game time action against Fort Hays State.

Overall, it was a very fun evening, even if it was a KU game.  It was nice to see how happy Jimmy was!!  But with the parking pass and great seats - I did say that if we had those luxuries every game, I would happily come along.

In the mean time though - I cannot only blog about KU, right?  Especially with how AWESOME K-State football is doing this year!!!  So this weekend Jimmy picked me up this sweet ring from Nigro's for me to sport during the K-State games.  I'm not going to lie, at first I thought he just found it because I walked in and it was sitting on the counter - but it was so nice that he thought of me AND bought we something from an opposing team.  He's a keeper and so is the ring.

Also - I have found some pretty fun date night posts on pinterest that I might have to take advantage of!!!

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