Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A big happy my little sister!

It's hard to believe that it's already time to write another happy birthday post for my sister!  (the third year in a row...which is crazy because that means my blog has been around in 2009, 2010 and now 2011...)  This year she is 23.  Which yep, that makes me feel very old but also realize how fast time passes.  

Over this past year, my sister and really grown up because she has graduated from college and got a REAL job.  Yes, she is no longer allowed to talk bad about my friends and I and our crazy email chains that happen sometimes throughout the day at work - she now gets it.  Right Lyndsay??

Anyways - look who we ran into just last week.  The Bieb!!!

Ok, not really - that was just at Macy's but she so graciously played along with my excitement in seeing this cardboard cut out of him and posed with me.  That's what sister are for, right?

We have had some distant interaction with other famous people this year, including our annual trip to see the Taylor Swift concert at Arrowhead stadium in September!!  So fun!!  That was my birthday present from her - and so far mine for her birthday is not that great.  It's pretty fun, but I think I will tag onto the shopping we will be doing late Thursday evening into Friday morning - hmm k??!

Ok so my sister has been in KC permanently and living with my parents.  Which is great.  For everyone.  I've heard she's a pretty good house guest at my parents and cooks dinner...but besides the fact that I like having her just a short drive away to do random stuff with me like go see movies that Jimmy doesn't want to see or just come over and sit and watch a movie with her at my parents house (and eat my parent's food...yes, I revert back to a 16 year old the minute I walk back into my parents house....), I like that HER CLOSET is just a short drive away.  So serious.  For pretty much every event or anything where I feel like my clothes are lacking I don't go to the store like a normal person, I just go to Lyndsay's closet and go "shopping".  Which includes me trying on multiple dresses and then going upstairs to show my mom, sister and dad.  The girls give their thoughts and then it's back downstairs to try more on.  It's actually really fun.  Oh and free.  She has a great sense of style and is always finding really cute dresses, etc for cheap.  So I'm very grateful for her willingness to let me borrow stuff all the time.  We both know it didn't go down that way 10 years ago.  Haha.  Just ask my parents about that - it always ended in lots of yelling between us.  Oh how things change?!

Just check out my Austin outfits for the wedding and rehearsal dinner we just attended down there.

Wedding outfit - cute black/white dress:

Oh and there is my sister on graduation...yep she wore it for her graduation.  And that green dress that I LOVE??!?!  That's hers too.  I have actually worn that one a few times because I love it so much!!  Thanks Lyndsay for having a great sense of style and letting me leech off you!

So I mentioned that she graduated from college, right??  Here is a picture complete with her cap and gown with the Bruns girls.  After graduation she got an awesome job which is pretty much her dream job at the American Cancer Society at a community fund leader (not sure if that is her correct title...), but she coordinates and works with the volunteers to raise money for the Relay for Life events to help raise money for cancer research each year.  Pretty awesome, huh?  She loves it and loves how she helps people through her work!!!  So proud of her!

Here's a full family picture at Katie and Barry's wedding in July!

And finally - while most people say we don't look alike, when we were up in Iowa this fall, my grandparents couldn't tell us apart!!  But I guess when I look at this picture - I kind of understand why!  We look so much alike with our hair and matching glasses!!!

Well Lyndsay - I remember when you came home from the hospital and I was just 3 years old and when you were crying and my parents were letting you "cry it out" and I took the liberty of getting you out of your crib and trying to carry you down to them.  I wish the look on their faces when they saw me carrying you down the stairs. Wow.  I'm very thankful that I didn't drop you!!  But I look at that now as a great sisterly act!!  Because guess what?  Whenever and wherever in life now or down the road you need me to pick up your slack or carry you for a little while if you are upset or things are not going your way - I will be there.  And I'll be there through all the fun times and celebrations too.  I love you so much and couldn't be more thankful for such a wonderful sister!!!  Hope you have a great day!!!!  And cheers to many many more birthdays together!!!

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