Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A long weekend

Because it's almost my bedtime and I did the good thing and worked out tonight after Charlie went to bed {instead of sit on the couch with a beer and blog and watch the bachelorette - don't worry...I watched the bachelorette while working out, but couldn't seem to find a good time for the beer} and I don't remember the last time I did a timely post, here is our long Memorial Day weekend in pictures!!!!

Kicked off Friday with the party shirt...

This Friday, Jimmy surprised me (I promise I have a blog post in the "hopper" about me surprising him) and his mom and grandma came over to watch Charlie and we went to dinner and a movie!  My pick.  Wahoo!  Sushi train at Sakura it is...(yes those are all his plates)

Movie?  We haven't gone to a movie together in the theaters in over a year.  First up?  Using some movie passes we got from a friend to see the Great Gatsby.  Except it was sold out at AMC, so off to the small Leawood theater we went.  Got there at 7:25, youngest people there by about 25 years and tons of seats.  Score.

Dad was off to play with his friends at the Royal's game
Mom and Charlie?  Well, we lounged in our PJs and rocked bed head for awhile.

And after what seems like the 40th time this kid fell on his face and busted his lip open, we headed off to fight the crowds at the Legends to get him some shoes.

In the evening, we hung out with Uncle Dave and played with our new toys that Amazon Prime brought us earlier in the week.  As mentioned on Instagram, the pool was unsuccessful.  I'm guessing it was because of the flowers?  #boyproblems

Saturday night, this mama got some much needed alone time.  I got to work out for probably the first time since December (WTF I know), watch the Nashville season finale (so good) and go to bed when I pleased.  Charlie was sound asleep and Jimmy was out with his friends.  Best yet?  Don't even remember Jimmy coming home at midnight...apparently I talked to him for 10 minutes.  Oops.

Sunday morning came and my grandpa signed our family up to cook a meal and serve it to about 100 people at the United Methodist Church in KCK.  My grandmother and cousin made some killer meatloaf, potatoes, green beans and rolls and it was quite the hit.  Was nice to take some time away to realize just how blessed we are and how much I take for granted.

Sunday afternoon?  Party time!  Dad got the other Amazon Prime toy hung up - the swing.  And it was a hit!!  Yeah for outside time that doesn't involve mom crawling around after Charlie taking everything he picks up out of his mouth!

Then we had some friends over for dinner.  Charlie wasn't too accommodating to Bennett.  I think he was just jealous of Bennett's adorable outfit.  I die.

We had the babes try out the pool together.  Bo and Bennett are almost 3 months younger than Charlie and not mobile yet  (ah, those were the days, right!?), so they loved the pool and sat in it like happy little campers.  This lasted about 5 minutes and then Charlie was out crawling after sticks and mulch and dirt to shove in his mouth.  It's only a matter of time Sarah and LeighAnne - you just wait!

Bo got to eat dinner in Charlie's high chair.  This was AFTER his parents put his bowl of food on the ground to get his strapped in and our stupid dog, Willy, ate his food.  Luckily, I had some sweet potatoes to replace his with.  Stupid dogs.

Monday - a day off!  Wahoo!  It was pouring when we woke up and Charlie woke up early.  But then it was shopping with Nana B at Ward Parkway.  This is the trip that Charlie figured out how to put his hand in the snack container and get the puffs out himself.  Next thing I know they are all gone.  Seriously?  Well that lunch was ruined...

Then at TJ Maxx we changed our diaper, ate, and played with mirrors in the dressing room.  And our new kicks came in handy!

Quick stop at Firehouse Subs for lunch before a Target run.  So cute.

While we were off shopping, dad was at home rearranging our house again.  Yes, we are back to "normal".  For good reason, but it was a busy day for house projects and getting some last minute things done.  And then we drove around for an hour so Charlie would nap.  We were desperate, it was nice out and the Royal's game was on.  Hey, we got an hour and 30 minute nap out of it.  We're so cool.

And that's that folks.  It was a great weekend and we are so thankful for all the men and women that serve our country and protect our freedom.  It's an amazing honor to live in this country that I know we take for granted.  Hope you had a great weekend as well!!!

PS I think I take too many pictures of my kid.  Is that possible?

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