Friday, May 17, 2013

It doesn't seem possible

It really doesn't seem possible that 4 months have past since the spring semester of grad school started and I wrote this post about my decision to finish grad school post-baby.

It doesn't seem possible that Jimmy and I have BOTH changed jobs at Hallmark during that timeframe and encountered all the stress and long hours and anxiety that comes with that.

It doesn't seem possible that I took THREE grad school classes from January 1 until May 17.  Nine hours folks.  That's a full time grad school student (trust me I know because I dealt with a lots of drama with UMKC on how they were billing me...let's just say at one point they said I owed them $6,000 and I cried...but then I fixed it - don't mess with me).

It doesn't seem possible that in that time frame my baby boy has gone from a 5.5 month old to an almost 10 month old and so much has changed about him.  He was just learning how to sit up really good by himself and we were started to explore new foods.  Now he is crawling EVERYWHERE and pulling up on everything.  He eats all kinds of foods and has almost mastered the sippy cup.  And sleeps great, makes lots of noises and is hilarious.  He's a totally different kid and we are totally different parents.

It doesn't seem possible that I haven't worked out ONCE since January.  I mean that's terrible, right?  I have done some walks with Charlie and Jimmy when the weather cooperated.  But nothing else.  Somehow I'm still under my pre-baby weight.  Which brings me too..

It doesn't seem possible that I'm still nursing Charlie.  Like I must be crazy, right?  With everything going on you would think I would have thrown in the towel because I have a freezer FULL of breast milk (like literally an entire deep freeze).  But I'm weird and I stuck to my guns on that more than anything and was dedicated to finding time to pump at work - whenever I could.  No more days of relaxing in the mom's room for a nice break - my computer goes with me always, but I still do it.  I love nursing him still and it's working for us.  {However, I do secretly dream about life sans pumping}

It doesn't seem possible that THIS just happened.

My last final is over and submitted (had a final presentation last night).  Just in the nick of time with about an hour and a half to spare until it was due.  I just emailed my professor my extra credit (duh - you think I would be a slacker don't I said, I'm crazy) and that's it folks.  Only two more classes left until I have my MBA.  A goal of mine for a long time.

It doesn't seem possible but it is.  A summer with NO classes and nice weather and weekday nights hanging out with my boys (hopefully not working...).  I cannot wait.  And neither can this little man....

{And more blogging.  Oh SO much to blog about and catch up on.  Didn't have a spare second to waste for these last few months, but I'm back.  And it feels so good.  Thank you for all those people that have helped us this semester.  It's not easy juggling it all.  Not for me and not for Jimmy.  Our families have stepped in to watch Charlie many times when schedules conflicted and we couldn't thank them more.  Thank you to my wonderful husband for putting up with my constant bitchiness because all I wanted to do so many night was sit in the shower and cry but he wouldn't let me.  I couldn't do this without you, Jimmy.  It truly takes a village}

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  1. Super.Mom. And that is all.

  2. Great job! What seems impossible at the time can become reality! This will happen many, many time over and over! Just breathe! Congratulations!
    Reminds me of when Roger was coaching 2 sports, taking 9 hours driving to Lawrence, teaching full time and having two little kiddos. Great feeling to be done and no one can take it from you!

  3. This whole post doesn't surprise me, if anyone can do it - it's you! You should be so proud of yourself! Congratulations!!!