Monday, May 20, 2013

Mommy and me: a blessing in disguise

Today was a blessing in disguise.  Charlie came down with a fever Sunday night and spent most of the evening snuggled up on my chest with a little baby whine.  He was sweating, but he fit just right laying on me.  I was worried his fever wasn't going to break and by the morning, it hadn't.  Poor little guy.  It was just barely under 100, but I get really confused with the whole at home thermometer, I'm not going to lie.  I think it says under the arm, add a degree.  So if that was the case, we were over 100.  Which that means he cannot be at school...which that means we just stayed home.  

And it was a blessing.  Even though my little man still isn't feeling too hot (did the whining on my chest tonight again), I'm thankful for our unexpected day together.  I was pretty good at working on my laptop while holding him in my arms and it was pretty perfect.  Part of me wanted to send him to school and part of me didn't want to let him go.  The employee vs. the mom.  And the mom wins.  Every time.

After the tragic events today in Oklahoma and the prayers for all those that lost their family members and those parents that don't get to snuggle with their little ones tonight, I'm thankful for every moment I get with my little one.  Sick and all, it was a great day.  

I just hope that those teeth come in soon....

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