Monday, May 27, 2013

Never ending fat lip

So maybe it's a "boy thing" or maybe it's just a my child thing.  I'm not really sure.  But literally - this kid is always scratched up in some way shape or form.  And really it just started about two weeks ago.  When I got a phone call from his school at 8:30 on Friday morning.  The director said that Charlie was pulling up on the small high chair and the tray fell on his lip.  He was bleeding everywhere and she wanted me to come and make sure I didn't need to take him to the doctor.  

When I got there, luckily, the bleeding had stopped but little mister was NOT happy.  Huge cut on the inside of his sweet lip and his sharp tooth popped through the front of his lip just a bit.  I was able to nurse him and after that he seemed to be back to his normal old self.  But his sweet lip?  Started to balloon up and swell.  After the a short phone call with the doctor, it was confirmed that nothing could really be "fixed" and we'd just have to let it heal on it's own.  

Had to snap some pictures at school for dad to let him know that Charlie would be ok.  Lip was starting to puff up a bit - but he was ready to go outside and play with his friends.  Tough kid.  And this was a picture of the outside of his lip.  Poor guy.  Obviously he wouldn't let me snap a picture of the inside.

By was much better.  Just a little white spot versus a huge bloody cut on the inside of his mouth.  He was also home with mom all day trying to break his fever.  Poor guy.

Ever since last week?  He has fallen at least 3 more times.  I'm not sure if his wound re-opened up or if he just cut himself a few more times.  But some were just little cuts with a little blood and some were lots of blood.  Case in point.  He fell on his face and I literally just picked him up and blood went all over my shirt and his.  UGH.  Poor guy.  

So what is the solution?  Besides the fact that I would just prefer to lock him in a cage and never let him get hurt again (or have anything to fall off of or make him stop pulling himself up-- so he can't fall)...which I would love to do all of those things.  I figured we need to buy him some shoes.  So I texted my knowledgeable friend and mom to Brodie, Lauren and she told me to go to Stride Ride.  So off we went to the Legends to get some new shoes.  Expensive shoes I might add.  But so far so good and we haven't had any spills even with the constant pulling up everywhere. (but he does look pretty cute in them - and yes this is the best picture I can do these days where he's not in a high chair or a swing because he doesn't sit still!)

Seriously this kid is everywhere.  Lord help us all and thank goodness blood comes out of shirts!!!

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  1. Hang in there! Henry has fallen a lot since he started to walk...thankfully no blood... Yet!