Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Remember me?

Hi my name is Brittany.  Remember me?  Here’s what I look like.

And this…is my cute son, Charlie. He looks more like a toddler than a baby in this picture.

And here Charlie is with his cute dad (and my husband), Jimmy. 

Yep, I used to blog on a semi-regular basis.  I love blogging and telling the story of our simple life. 

Our simple {and busy} life has certainly gotten in the way lately for blogging.  Here are some highlights of what I’ve missed:
  • Charlie’s second lake trip – this time with 3 baby friends
  • My mom turned 58 (I usually always do a birthday post and of course didn’t get around to that – her cards are even still sitting in our kitchen #daughterfail)
  • We celebrated Jimmy’s first Father’s Day (see picture above) and the other wonderful father’s in our life.
  • Our house went on the market and we got an offer in 6 days; pending inspections today, we will be moving out of our first home together July 30.  Where we will go – umm…no idea.  Moving in with my parents in the meantime.
  • Charlie is standing up regularly and just dying to take his first step.  The thought of crossing that threshold is crazy.
  • Speaking of…the first birthday party planning is in full swing.  July 28 for the party and we’re pretty excited!
  • Work is crazy crazy crazy.  I wish I could be happy happy happy {ok that was a joke because I seriously spend half of my work day every day working on Duck Dynasty gifts…….have you watched the show?}
  • Jimmy went on a 3 day work trip and I’m in the middle of playing single mom.  Easier said than done when you’re trying to keep everyone alive {dogs included} and the house spotless for the people that are buying it to inspect it
There are the highlights.  I plan on blogging soon on lots of these things and more {i.e. breastfeeding post because believe it or not, dialing down breastfeeding for me is harder than building it up}.

So in the meantime…I’m trying to keep up with everyone else in the blog world’s summer shenanigans…but wanted to pop in and say when I get a chance to blog, I have lots to blog about – but in the interim, I’m choosing my 4-5 hours in the day I have to sleep to sleep (don’t worry, this is not because of Charlie but because of work.  I wish I could have my child’s sleep habits!!)….

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  1. haha I hear ya! I'm pretty behind myself... #priorities :)

  2. I've been a bad blogger too. Oh well, life seems to get in the way. You little man is so cute and getting so big! Can't believe he's going to be a year soon. How does this happen?!

    1. It's funny how you want to blog about life but then you get so busy with it it's hard to keep up!!! I cannot believe he's almost one either. Your "10 things I want to remember" post made me tear up!! These babies need to stop growing up so fast - it's crazy.

      Also - I am dying to see Charlie teeter when he walks like you said Mac does!!!

  3. Congrats on selling the house! I bet that's a relief! Lots of houses for sale in our neighborhood in Olathe!

    1. Yes - it's a huge relief!! Where are you guys at in Olathe? We are just starting to look around this weekend!!

    2. We're in Heatherstone subdivision...Pflumm and 119th. Nice, friendly neighborhood with a neighborhood pool!