Friday, June 28, 2013

Five on Friday

Ok - I actually am doing it again.  Linking up with Darci and friends.  That's impressive, isn't it??


We put an offer on a house.  Yes, after one look we were hooked.  However - it's a little bit dramatic because it's a foreclosure, so it's a great deal.  We put in our initial bid and apparently in the mean time someone else did too.  So they gave us until today at 1:55PM (random time?) to submit our final offers.  Talk about stressful.  Luckily I am officially trained in negotiation tactics thanks to my last job (haha - seriously though).  So we submitted the best offer we had and can feel good about it even if we lose it to someone else.  It's perfect.  But guess what?  There are other fish/houses in the sea too.  But would appreciate any and all good thoughts and prayers and good lucks!!!


Birthday party planning is in FULL swing!  We are at the one month mark today before Mr. Charlie's big birthday party so on the top of the list??  Sending out the invites.  I will say we have LOTS of family and big family, so this kid seems rather popular for just a first birthday.  But I keep reminding myself, this is a celebration well deserved.  We made it through the first year of our first baby and everyone survived (luckily!) and is well and happy.  So that's a huge accomplishment in my book.  To think that this is the last time I'll be compiling invitations like this in our house did make me a little sentimental last night though...


Sweet summertime = ice cream on the front porch.

Nothing beats this {especially since he loved it}


I cooked THREE TIME this week - like legit meals.  Seriously with moving and work and life, I feel like we have been just picking up stuff out or eating macaroni and easy stuff for the last few weeks.  It felt so good to have some healthy(ish) meals that were homecooked and to contribute to "operation clean out the fridge/cabinets/freezer" since we will be moving in with my parents for a bit and won't need that food.  Here's what we were eating this week:

This started with some mushrooms that Jimmy bought the previous Friday for our pizza date night - I needed to use them + chicken breast in freezer + cream of mushroom soup = deliciousness.  So easy.  Cannot beat a crockpot meal

Lazy Crockpot Chicken With Mushrooms
Source and delicious recipe

Wednesday I had all the right ingredients for this except the Italian bread, so my sister brought that over and we ate this yummy meal and celebrated her NEW JOB!! So proud of her!
Source and delicious recipe

Thursday night Charlie and I were flying solo since Jimmy had his weekly Thursday happy hours.  I was planning on cooking this on Tuesday, but then we decided to go look at a house and put an offer on it that night - so we had to settle for eating out then. But this was delicious.  Instead of following the recipie, I just put ground beef, brown rice and rotel in the peppers after they had been in the microwave for 4 minutes, then took them out and sprinkled cheese and YUM.

Source and delicious recipe

Guess what is next week??!?  Ah - Fourth of July.  I cannot believe it.  Last Fourth of July I was SO pregnant and SO for the holiday celebration.  So it's crazy to think about being a normal sized person with an almost 1 year old this year.  I don't think the weather will be any different, but that's ok. 

This holiday means a 5 day weekend too - even if it involves moving and packing - I'm excited for some time away from work and spending time with family and friends.  I'm not one to pick out outfits far in advance, but if I did - this is what I would have got this shirt for Charlie to wear.  Um, so cute.

 Instead, he just has these shorts.  #momfail But he will still look oh-so-cute, I'm sure.  You cannot go wrong with plaid shorts! Overall, we are looking forward to some time together to celebrate America! 


And we're just happy that it's Friday again - hope you all have a great weekend as well!  I'm sure lots of people have travel plans and I'm jealous!!  Hope it's to fun places with fun people as always...

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  1. FIVE DAY WEEKEND?! So jealous! We only get the 4th off and I have to be back at work on Friday. Such a bummer. I love the little shorts! That will look adorable with a plain shirt shirt or a navy collared one!

  2. I feel like I could comment on each of your five things! 1) Good luck on the house! 2) I nearly got teary-eyed at Walmart last night when purchasing 1st birthday party supplies. 4) Those meals look AMAZING! And 5) Brantley totally needs those shorts! P.S. I love this Friday 5 idea!

  3. I'll keep my fingers crossed on the house!! And damn, I wish Carson liked ice cream. That looks like fun!

  4. He doesn't need that shirt, he has his USA Rocks Tank Top to wear!

  5. Those shorts are so cute!!! Can't wait to hear how the house stuff unfolds…I'm crossing my fingers for you guys!! And yay for birthday invitations!!! :)